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Quote1 Sure, I'd like to think I turned out okay... That I am the best me I can be. But if I can keep them from messing up as bad as I did? Why the hell not? Quote2
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Roy Harper is Arsenal, formerly operating as Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy. He is a member of Team Arrow and a former member of a number of groups, including the Titans, the Seven Soldiers, the Outsiders and the Outlaws.

Early Life and Career

Roy Harper was adopted by Big Bow as a child and lived with him on Spokane Indian Reservation, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow from him. He often got into trouble with the police but, because it usually happened on the reservation, Big Bow was always able to get him out of trouble. One day, Roy stole from a liquor store off the reservation and got blackout drunk, waking up to find a bow in his hand and Big Bow dead. Not knowing his mentor had been killed by an aggressive police officer, Roy fled the reservation.[3]

Green Arrow and Speedy Prime Earth 001

Roy as Speedy, with Green Arrow

Roy somehow made it to Seattle, where he lived in a mall by hacking the camera feeds. It was at this mall he picked the pocket of Oliver Queen, who, when he came to get the wallet back, was intrigued by the strange boy, later taking him on as his sidekick and dubbing him "Speedy". While Speedy, Roy designed Green Arrow's elaborate trick arrows, much to the man's frustration.[5]

As Speedy, Roy joined the original Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Omen) and worked with them for a while; eventually he and his friends would have their memories of the team erased following an encounter with Mr. Twister.

Also during this time Ollie would regularly have adventures with Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, who acted as a secondary mentor to Roy.[7]

While Roy was in High School, his grades started slipping as a result of lack of enthusiasm and his attention being spread too thin between his work with Oliver and his escapades with the Teen Titans. On the advice of fellow leaguers Batman and Flash, Oliver attempted to reorient his parenting style. He benched Roy as Speedy, stating that he'd be allowed to return to his role as Speedy when his grades recovered. This continued for nine weeks; while Roy's grades did show drastic improvement, he was miserable. After some tension, he eventually allowed Roy to resume his role as Speedy after they talked it over and Oliver apologized to Roy for his shortcomings as a parent and made it clear to Roy that his dream for him was for him to have a full life in every aspect, not just as a Superhero.[8]

Struggle With Addiction

In order to cope with the the physical wear and tear (and resulting chronic pain) of life as a superhero, Roy began abusing prescription painkillers. Later, this substance abuse progressed into an addiction to heroin.

Upon discovery of his sidekick's addiction, Oliver reacted poorly, kicking his ward out.[9] Oliver returned briefly in an attempt to reconcile, but was so disgusted with what his former charge had become, left again. After being dragged into an evil plot orchestrated by Count Vertigo, Roy was officially reunited with Oliver, who apologized for firing him. Oliver offered to give their partnership another shot and help Roy get clean, but Roy adamantly refused, vowing to strike out on his own.[3]

Roy's struggles with substance abuse were compounded following the death of the second Robin, who he briefly befriended beforehand. He attempted to commit a variation of suicide by fighting Killer Croc. Croc figured out what Roy was doing, stopped him, and gave him a pep talk, which Roy thanked him for.[10] Soon after, Roy began a recovery program with Killer Croc as his sponsor.[11]

At some point Jade, the daughter of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott, joined the Titans and she and Roy had adventures together. They would later reunite to form the Outsiders.[12]

Lian Harper Prime Earth 001

Roy and Lian

At some point Roy had a daughter with Cheshire. He believed she was killed by The Electrocutioner, although she had in fact survived.[6] He also eventually took on the name 'Arsenal'. During this period, he lost an arm, using a cybernetic replacement; it was later replaced with a seemingly-organic counterpart.[13]

Iron Rule

Once his state improved, his desire to surpass Oliver Queen pushed him to leave for Qurac which was under the rule of a dictator. There, he formed a team called Iron Rule in hope to help the people overthrow the dictator. As a group of mercenaries, they only had one rule to follow: no matter the job, leave things better than the way they found them.

The team was successful and earned a lot of money. However, for some members, it wasn't enough. One day, as Roy was absent, the rest of the team attempted to take over the town they were residing in. Because the inhabitants resisted, they were slaughtered in retaliation. When Roy came back and found out there wasn't a single survivor, he avenged the towners by launching a lethal blast against his former team.[14][15]

New 52

The Outlaws Begin

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 1 Textless

Roy and the Outlaws

Having killed his former team, Roy was captured by the Quracan military and sentenced to death for war crimes.[16][17] However, Roy was saved from execution by his former friend Jason Todd and the alien princess Starfire. The three of them would eventually form a team themselves - the Outlaws.[17]

A few weeks after their meeting, Roy and the Outlaws headed to China for some unfinished business. According to Todd, the All-caste, a mythical training league he fell into after his resurrection, was in trouble and he was intent on stopping it. The trio travelled the world, helping Jason find and destroy any of the power hungry Untitled.[11]

Outlaws in Gotham

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 15 Textless

Arsenal takes charge in Jokerized Gotham

Near the end of their mission, the Outlaws stopped in Gotham City to aid the Bat family during the Night of the Owls. The Outlaws attempted to protect Mr. Freeze from his would-be Talon assassin but caught the ire of the supervillain himself. However, they were successful: Mr. Freeze was saved, the Talon was stopped, and the Night of the Owls concluded with minimal casualties.[18]

Though they tried to return to their mission against the Untitled, the Outlaws continued to help in Gotham when the Joker resurfaced, wearing his own severed face as a mask. Jason was abducted by the clown, having allegedly learned all their secret identities, and Arsenal and Starfire sprung into action to find him. Their objective caused them to cross paths with the Teen Titans, who were also looking for their Bat-affiliate Tim Drake.

Arsenal took an unprecedented leadership role with the teenagers as they tried to handle an outbreak of Joker Venom among Gotham's civilians. The Outlaws and Teen Titans were successful, administering the toxin's cure before the Gothamites perished. Jason and Tim would eventually return to their teams, bruised but alive, after Batman defeated the Joker yet again.[19]

League of Assassins vs. The Untitled

Troubled by the past few months, Jason had all his memories erased by the magician S'aru. Roy, disapproving, brought Jason back to their headquarters to try to rejog his memory but, upon finding out that he was murderer, amnesiac Jason fled, leaving the Outlaws temporarily leaderless.[20]

Isolated from his friends, Jason was abducted by the League of Assassins to lead them in their fight against the Untitled due to Jason's skill at defeating them in the past. To rescue their friend, Arsenal and Starfire actually joined forces with the Untitled to lay siege on the League, instigating the war between the two factions.

Despite Roy and Kori's best effort, they were defeated by Jason's League of Assassins and slated for execution. Ra's al Ghul returned to the League of Assassins and resumed leadership.

Talking to his former friends in their prison cells, the Outlaws apologized to one another for the mess they had gotten into, causing Jason's memories to finally return. Reunited once more, Red Hood and the Outlaws escaped from the League of Assassins and caused their headquarters to explode, finally ending the conflict.

Red Hood and Arsenal: Heroes for Hire

Red Hood Arsenal Vol 1 1 Textless

Heroes for Hire

After the apparent death of Batman during the Joker's endgame, the Outlaws dissolved, with all three members going their separate ways.

However, after helping Arsenal during a solo operation though, Jason convinced Roy to work with him again. The duo set up shop in Roy's warehouse despite being broke. To raise funds, they turned to fixer Tara Battleworth for a job. Though she disliked their reputations, she gave them a job as mercenaries. Though they were successful with their mission, they were fired because Roy set up his own Hero-for-Hire side business for the two to make money that competed with Battleworth's.

Taking another contract, the two discovered the existence of Underbelly, the physical embodiment of all the world's corruption. When Underbelly tried to recruit Jason to his cause, the duo responded by vowing to destroy him. Anticipating where Underbelly would go to hide, the two headed to the most crime-ridden city on the planet: Gotham. While there, the Heroes-for-Hire were caught in the sights of the new Batman and convinced him to help them take down Underbelly. Their mission was ultimately a success.

Return of the Titans

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The Return of Roy Harper

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Titans Rebirth

Roy and the Titans encountered Wally in Nightwing's Gotham apartment, but didn't remember him thanks to the machinations of Abra Kadabra. After punching the speedster, electricity coming off of Wally managed to restore Roy's memory of his old teammate.

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Heroes in Crisis

Roy's struggle with addictive vices continued to plague him. After the Titans separated, Roy flew back to Star City and assisted friend and mentor Green Arrow in his local heroism, helping him save a group of citizens from an exploding building. He was scheduled to have lunch with Oliver and Dinah, though it didn't go as planned. They arrived late to the lunch and just as Roy was about to confide in them about his problems, the conversation was interrupted by the new villain Citizen, and Roy was never able to ask for help.

Roy Harper Prime Earth 0012

Death of Roy Harper

Soon after, Roy after helping Jason Todd recover from injuries received from his fallout with Batman, and at the behest of Killer Croc instead sought help at Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center for heroes. However, there was an incident at the center, and Roy was accidentally killed[21] along with all the other heroes inside the facility at the time due to an uncontained Speed Force explosion.

It was initially believed that the explosion was caused by Wally West, another patient at Sanctuary, losing control of his powers. In fact, the explosion was caused by the villainous speedster Savitar attempting to become one with the Speed Force. The Speed Force tried to expel Savitar from itself with surges of raw energy, however, Savitar was able to resist the surges and they discharged into the material universe through random speedsters across time, space and parallel universes. The Speed Force also pulled Wally's future self into it to try to force Savitar out, and he began jumping through time, possessing other speedsters during the surges.

Wally eventually jumped into himself in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, in an instant of frozen time. The other residents were already dead, but Roy was alive. Wally explained the situation, and Savitar emerged from the Force. The two fought him, but Savitar had absorbed the majority of the Speed Force and was too powerful. In the future, Barry Allen and Mister Terrific had determined a way to pull Wally and Savitar into the future where they could fight him with the full force of the Justice League, but the consequence would be collapsing the temporal bubble, meaning time would resume and Roy would die.

Green Arrow, who was also watching from the future, and Wally both begged them to find another solution that would allow them to save Roy, but the consequences of changing history were too great, and they did not have time to find another way as Savitar had already absorbed enough of the Speed Force to potentially destabilise the entire Omniverse. Roy used Wally's connection to the future to say goodbye to his mentor and shot the bubble. Wally and Savitar were sucked into the future and and Roy was struck by the Speed Force lightning, killing him. His last words were, "Love you, Lian."[22]

Roy's funeral was held on the hilltop where he decided to get sober, attended by his close friends.

Dark Nights: Death Metal

During the preparations for the final battle, Batman resurrected Roy Harper. In an undead state, he joined the rest of the Teen Titans in their fight against The Batman Who Laughs' new multiverse.[23] During the fight he killed The Fastest Killer Alive, a dark counterpart of Wally West created from Wally's fear that the Sanctuary disaster had not been an accident, with an arrow through the head. Roy assured Wally that he did not blame him for the Sanctuary disaster and that he could never have been like the Fastest Killer. The two fought side by side, jokingly referring to each other as "Kid Flash" and "Speedy".[24]

Infinite Frontier

Roy was restored to life by the changes to the timeline following the defeat of The Darkest Knight. He called Green Arrow from an untraceable phone, but hung up before his mentor could answer. Deciding not to call any of his friends he discarded his phone and bow and simply walked away.[25] His fellow heroes believed he was still dead,[26] but the DEO were aware that he was alive. Although Roy initially returned to his self destructive behaviour, he stepped in to rescue a civilian who was being threatened and regained his will to live.[6]

Roy Harper Prime Earth 016

Wielding a Black Lantern Ring

While Roy was eating in a diner, a new villain named X-Tract and two henchmen (later revealed to be working for the DEO[27]) attacked him, telling him he didn't belong in the recreated world. Roy was knocked unconscious, however before X-Tract could capture him, mysterious figures appeared and fought the attackers off. Roy regained consciousness and realised to his shock that he was wearing a Black Lantern uniform and power ring, and the "people" who saved him were actually energy constructs of himself from various points in his life.[28]

While practicing with his ring, Roy asked it to explain how he was alive and why it had chosen him. The ring generated an enormous construct showing the faces of Darkseid, the Psycho-Pirate, Barry Allen, the Flashpoint timeline Batman and Lian as a teenager. Roy realised his daughter is alive and demanded further answers, but Darkseid took control of him through the ring, his face transforming into the typical corpse-like appearance of a Black Lantern and the Corps symbol on his chest changing into an Omega.[7]

The ring pulled him into space, but Roy's desire to find Lian allowed him to resist it and regain control, his appearance returning to normal. Roy was left stranded in orbit, unwilling to use his ring again to return to Earth in case it possessed him again. He was quickly picked up by a DEO spaceship commanded by Hector Hammond, who had been restored to normal by the multiversal reboot. The DEO had been rounding up people whose origins are tied to alternate realities or who came back from the dead, including Roy and members of the Justice Society. The DEO agents incapacitated Roy with Sonar technology and Hammond took the ship into The Bleed. However, the agents were distracted by the JSA attacking the ship and Roy was able to use his ring to overpower them. Unfortunately, the ring began to take him over again and the JSA attacked him, mistaking him for a villain.[27]

Fortunately Jade was among them and recognised him. With Jade's help Roy was able to overcome the power of his Ring. The JSA decided to take the ship to its final destination, but when they arrived at Earth Omega they found it under the control of Darkseid. They realised they needed reinforcements and planned to return to Earth 0, but before they could another Carrier Ark materialised in the same space and the two ships crash landed on the planet's surface.[12]

Roy escaped the wreckage and began searching for Lian, who he believed was on Earth Omega. However, before he could get far he and the other crash survivors were attacked by the Psycho-Pirate and Injustice Incarnate. Chains of dark energy erupted from out of the ground to ensnare all the heroes except Roy. The Psycho-Pirate told him that if Roy voluntarily surrendered to the Ring and joined them he would ensure that they would leave Earth 0 alone and Lian would be safe.

Roy realised that Lian was not on Earth Omega and used the full power of the Ring to free the others. As the Ring took control he asked them to save the Multiverse and his daughter.[29] The Ring transformed Roy into the Omega Lantern, an extension of the Great Darkness which Darkseid would use to control the Multiverse. Obsidian, drawing on his own experience of fighting the darkness inside him, helped Roy break free of the Ring's control.

President Superman managed to foil Darkseid's plan to open the cracks in the Multiverse, which cut off the Ring from its power source. Darkseid simply took the Ring from Roy and returned him and the others back to where they came from. A few days later he met up with Cameron Chase in New York City, just across the river from Titans Tower, and told her that he was ready to get back to living his life.[30]

Titans Academy

Roy Harper Prime Earth 017

Roy arrives at Titans Academy

Roy returned to the Tower hoping to reunite with the Titans, unaware that in his absence it had been converted into a school which bore his name. He walked in and asked why the Tower was full of children and there was a statue of him outside, much to the shock of the students who had been attempting to contact his spirit via a séance.[31] After the initial surprise he caught up with the Titans, including Wally. He told them that Lian was alive, and they promised to help him find her.

Summer Zahid reported that five students had disappeared, and Raven realised that their psionic trails simply stopped in their dorm rooms, which should be impossible. Roy deduced that Psimon was responsible. Raven was able to track Psimon and the Titans arrived just after Red X murdered the psychic villain. Red X and Dane fled, telling the Titans not to follow them.[32] Dane was beginning to fulfil his destiny to transform into the demon Nevermore and destroy the world. Red X believed the Titans would kill him to prevent this, and eventually destroyed the Titans Academy building while trying to "protect" him from them. Roy helped to evacuate the students from the Academy.[33]

Following the defeat of Red X and Nevermore, Roy and the Titans continued to train their students at a safe house while the Tower was being rebuilt. Arsenal fought some members of the Suicide Squad who infiltrated the safe house before they explained that the team was seeking help to stop Amanda Waller.[34] Roy was also present at the first Titans Academy graduation, where Wallace West, Emiko Queen, and William Wu became Titans.[35] Roy, along with the other Titans, later welcomed both their returning and new students at the academy when the tower was finally rebuilt.[36]

Dark Crisis

The Justice League, including Green Arrow and Black Canary, disappeared on an interdimensional mission and were presumed dead.[37] In their absence the forces of the Great Darkness, led by the Titans' old enemy Deathstroke, launched a wide range of attacks around the world.[38]

The Academy was quickly destroyed again in a full-scale assault by the Secret Society.[39] Changeling was critically injured, and the Titans took him to be treated at the Hall of Justice. While there Roy reunited with Jason Todd, who promised they would search for Lian when the Crisis was over.[40]

Roy fought in the battle against Deathstroke's army at the Hall of Justice. Despite their best efforts, Deathstroke was able to spread the Great Darkness to the point that Pariah and the Dark Army manifested on Earth 0.[41] Fortunately, the Justice League were in fact alive, and managed to escape their prison in Multiverse-2 and return to Earth 0. Roy reunited with Dinah in the middle of the battle, but Oliver did not appear with the rest of the League.[42] The heroes were able to defeat the Dark Army and save the Multiverse.[43]

Dawn of DC

Family Reunion

Roy and Dinah reunited with Oliver's estranged son Connor Hawke during the battle at the Hall, and the three of them teamed up to search for Oliver. At some point, they learned that Lian was operating as a vigilante in Gotham's Alleytown neighbourhood.

Roy and Lian Harper reunion


Following a tip from Jason Todd, Team Arrow chased a gang of unemployed henchmen into Alleytown. Lian, in her costumed identity as Cheshire Cat, jumped in to help them overpower the criminals and then attempted to leave, but Roy revealed that they knew who she was. He told Lian that it was alright if she wasn't ready to come home, but she could whenever she wanted. After a moment's hesitation, Lian unmasked and ran to hug him, tearfully reuniting with Team Arrow. Roy asked her why she had stayed away and she told him that "they" would never allow their family to be together. Suddenly, she and Connor began to teleport away. Lian told Roy to find Amanda Waller as he tried to grab her. When Lian and Connor disappeared, he picked up her discarded mask and furiously demanded to know where Waller was.[44]

Search For Amanda Waller

Roy gathered as many weapons as he could carry for an assault on Belle Reve to find Amanda Waller. He expected Black Canary to try and talk him out of it, but she was fully on board with the plan. The two of them stormed Belle Reve looking for Waller, and Count Vertigo, who was imprisoned at Bell Reve; told them that he knew things about Waller and Team Arrow. Before they could ask him anything, Peacemaker and his new partner Peacewrecker burst in and attacked them.[45] The two pairs fought until Peacekeeper accidentally destroyed the lock on Vertigo's cell and freed him. Zytle unleashed his vertigo effect on the four of them, incapacitating them until Dinah blasted him with a sonic scream.

Black Canary asked if they could find a way to work things out and Peacekeeper challenged Roy, widely considered the world's greatest marksman, to a shooting competition, hoping to prove that he was better. Peacekeeper told Roy that if he won, they would let him interrogate Vertigo; but if he lost, he would have to leave without a fight. Despite Canary and Peacewrecker both telling them that it was a bad idea, Roy agreed and won. Vertigo told them that he didn't know where Waller was, but that she was working on something big and had been "collecting".[13]

Roy and Canary left Belle Reve, and were forced to hike through the swamp as they had wrecked their car busting into the prison. They were pulled into personal nightmare worlds by Insomnia and fell into a deep sleep in the middle of the swamp. Roy had a dream of being attacked by zombified versions of himself wearing his old costumes, and found that he was unable to hit them when he tried to shoot them with his arrows. Roy quickly realised he was in a nightmare and that the dream was trying to tell him something; that he wasn't afraid of missing, he was afraid of what he had missed. He had a vision of the childhood Lian would have had with him, and allowed the zombies to catch him. Meanwhile, in the real world a crocodile spotted their unconscious bodies and stalked towards them, planning to eat them. Fortunately Black Canary was able to escape her own nightmare, save them and wake him up.[46]

Roy realised that Cheshire would likely know where to find Waller and so he went to a bar frequented by supervillains in Star City where he knew he could find her. He deliberately provoked the patrons to draw Cheshire out, accurately guessing that she would save him as they were about to attack. Cheshire threatened to kill Roy but he told her that he knew she wasn't going to hurt him and asked her to help him find Waller. She refused until he told her that Lian was missing and only Waller knew where she was.[47]

Roy and Cheshire argued about Cheshire's decision to keep the fact that Lian was alive from him and almost came to blows when Cheshire blamed Roy for Lian "dying" in the first place. Black Canary broke it up and asked Cheshire what Waller was up to. Cheshire told them that Waller was preparing for something bigger than the superheroes are ready for. She said that she would help them find Lian, but warned Roy that if he ever cared about her he would stay away from Amanda Waller.[48]

Black Canary went to Starfish Island to wait for Oliver, reasoning that if he ever came back, that was where he would arrive. She also told Roy to stay in contact with Oracle and not to trust Cheshire. Jade led him to an underwater safehouse where Waller kept her "network", a covert information-gathering apparatus she used to keep track of the Suicide Squad. However, when they arrived Roy saw that Waller was in fact tracking every superhero on Earth. Suddenly Waller, Peacemaker and Peacewrecker burst in and fired on them. Jade pushed him out of the way of the bullets and was hit, but the villains gunned Roy down before he had a chance to react.[49]

Return to Sanctuary

Roy survived but was arrested for breaking into a top-secret government facility.[50] Waller told him that she had placed a Suicide Squad brain bomb in his head, and also held Jade hostage to force Roy to work for her. She ordered him to retrieve the patient files from Sanctuary, which the Justice League had locked in a hidden vault in the mountains. Roy enlisted Arrowette, Red Arrow, Red Canary and Mia Dearden, his successor as Speedy, to help him. They traveled to the vault and Roy went in alone, telling the girls to stop anyone who followed them. When he went in the doors closed and locked behind him, and Roy spent forty-eight hours fighting holograms of people from his past created by the Sanctuary program to keep him from taking the files.

Oliver Queen was also drafted by Waller, who sent him to find what had happened to Roy and retrieve the files. Oliver was able to get inside, and Roy attacked him, believing that he was a hologram. Oliver refused to fight back, and Roy realised he was real when he called Roy his son. The two happily embraced and Roy told Oliver how Waller had forced him to help her, although Oliver explained that the device in his neck was a teleporter rather than a bomb. He said they should get the files and leave, but Sanctuary created holograms of the Justice League to stop them.[51]

They fended off the holographic League until the girls burst in to help them. Oliver was able to grab the mask containing the files and they fled, escaping the vault just ahead of the holographic Superman's heat vision. As the group were digging themselves out of the snow, Roy realised that Connor was with them and Connor told him that Oliver had brought Lian safely home. Oliver told Connor to take Roy to reunite with Lian in Gotham and called up Amanda Waller. He demanded that she tell him where Malcolm Merlyn was in exchange for the files. In response she teleported him away, which Roy realised Oliver knew was going to happen.[52]

Absolute Power

Roy and Lian Harper reunion 2

Together Again

Waller sent Oliver to a post-apocalyptic future when Merlyn was stranded. Merlyn used the Sanctuary files to create hard-light holograms of the Arrow Family and use them to attack Oliver. However, Oliver activated the implants and used them to summon all of Team Arrow, including Roy and Lian, to the future. They battled their holograms until Oliver defeated Merlyn in an archery duel. John Diggle teleported to the future and took Merlyn away; he also informed Team Arrow that they would be able to teleport one last time and then their implants would permanently shut down. Oliver returned them to Starfish Island in the present. Roy and Lian finally reunited for good, and he promised her that nothing would ever keep them apart again. Team Arrow celebrated on the beach and then spent the night at a secret vacation home which Oliver had built on the island.[53] The next morning, Team Arrow woke up to find that Oliver had disappeared.

Forty-eight hours later, John Diggle told Roy and Lian that Cheshire was being held in a secret prison in the mountains known as "Belle Reve North" and they went to free her. The successfully snuck into the prison and got Cheshire out of her cell, but triggered an alarm and had to fight their way out. The three of them reached the rope ladder that Roy and Lian had used to get in and Cheshire and Lian began to climb down, but before he could join them he was stopped by Oliver. Oliver told Roy that he had joined the Bureau of Sovereignty and believed that Waller was right about bringing order to the chaos. He also told Roy that he had signed over his fortune to him. Roy asked Oliver to come with them, saying they could figure things out, but Oliver kicked him out of the window. As Oliver expected, Lian and Cheshire caught Roy, preventing Peacemaker from capturing him.

They returned to the island and told Team Arrow what had happened. Roy also told them that he was certain Oliver was not under mind control. Emiko said they should abduct Oliver and bring him home, then figure things out from there. However, the news suddenly reported that superheroes were launching attacks on civilians around the country and Roy realised that Waller was responsible.[54]



Other Characteristics



  • Roy has various tattoos he doesn't remember getting.[62]
  • Roy hates reading poetry and fiction. He prefers reading engineering journals and coding guides. He is familiar with the works of Arthur C. Clarke.[63]
  • Roy and Jason Todd consider each other best friends.[64]
  • Killer Croc was Roy's alcohol recovery sponsor.[11]



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This character is or was a member of the Black Lantern Corps. Those who have died may wield the Black Power Ring, symbolizing their lack of both life and emotion.
This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Black Lantern Corps members category."

Justice League 0002
Justice League member
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This character has been a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from the clutches of both interstellar and domestic threats.
This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice League of America members" category.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 1 Textless
Outlaws member
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This character is or was primarily a member of the anti-hero team known as the Outlaws, in any of its various incarnations. They are a group of outcast heroes led by Red Hood, who fight against evil and do what bigger groups like the Justice League will not. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Outlaws members" category.

Outsiders 0001
Outsiders member
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This character is or was a member of one or more of the teams known as the Outsiders. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Outsiders members" category.

Seven Soldiers II 01
Seven Soldiers of Victory member
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This character is or was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, or the Seven Soldiers in any of its various incarnations, created during World War II and later, it returned to battle time-traveling, dimension-spanning mysteries and monsters.
This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Seven Soldiers of Victory members" category.

Green Arrow Vol 3 21 Textless
Team Arrow member
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This character is or was a member of the Green Arrow family of vigilante super-heroes, who fight crime using archery and martial arts. They are a loose connection brought together through family bonds and shared experiences. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Team Arrow members."

Teen Titans 0002
Teen Titans member
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This character is or was primarily a member of the younger superhero team known as the Teen Titans, in any of its various incarnations. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Teen Titans members" category.

A large "T" building
Titans member
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This character is or was primarily a member of the superhero team known as the Titans, in any of its various incarnations. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Titans members" category.