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Quote1.png The second group of villains to call themselves the "Royal Flush Gang"... or the third; who can keep it all straight? Quote2.png
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There were several groups known as the Royal Flush Gang.


The Joker's Gang

Joker infiltrated Section 12 in Arizona and freed five metahuman children that were kept there by the government. He dressed them up as playing cards, and they served as his lackeys.[1]


After their first adventure, the gang split up. Ace's powers evolved, and she "created" a new gang:[2]

  • King: Sat on a chair, could shoot lasers. Resembled the crown part of a tooth.
  • Queen: Wielded an energy rod and was actually a transformed man. (ie a drag queen)
  • Jack: A samurai; possibly a reference to the show Samurai Jack
  • Ten: A woman with long, yarn-like hair that could be used as a whip. (possibly a reference to Bo Derek's character in the movie 10)

Walker Family

A family of upper-class thieves, the name "Royal Flush Gang" was passed down for generations until they eventually returned to Gotham and took on Batman (Terry McGinnis).[3]


Both King and Queen were identical twins (and the twins also married each other). They briefly usurped the title Royal Flush Gang, but were arrested.[4] Jack also briefly took over as King, but his plans were spoiled by his sister Melanie and Batman.[5]

Henry's gang

A man named Henry set up a gang of petty Suicide Slum criminals, and became their first King. Una Hitchens, the Queen, eventually tried to get out after serving time, but circumstances forced her to pick up the costume again.[6]


  • King: Henry
  • Queen: Una Hitchens
  • Jack: Chester
  • Ten:
  • Ace:



  • Both the Walker family and the Joker's gang rode on flying vehicles resembling giant playing cards.


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