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Quote1.png The Royal Flush Gang is no longer just a costumed cadre of common criminals. With branches in every major city in the country, they've become a national menace. Quote2.png

The Royal Flush Gang is a crime syndicate, dressed as the cards of a Royal Flush: Ace of Clubs, King of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, Jack of Clubs and Ten of Clubs.


Originally, it was a gang set up by Amos Fortune. They committed petty thefts of valuables and technology or hired out their skills for others' gain. Amos Fortune came up with the idea of a playing card theme, and used stellaration technology to aid them. They were stopped by the Justice League of America on multiple occasions.

A second gang was set up by Hector Hammond, and came closer than the original gang to defeating the Justice League. After their original Ace, an Android, was destroyed, Fortune took over the gang and killed all members of the first gang except for the Jack of Clubs.

In recent years, the Gang has expanded. Though the lower pip values had been in use for some time, Amos Fortune introduced the suits of Hearts and Diamonds, and transformed the gang into a crime syndicate rivaling Intergang. The face cards would still be the most senior, with the role of Ace usually (but not always) as muscle, either android or human. The Ten controls the minor members, or pips. These henchmen could gain or lose "pips" dependent on their performance; rivalry amongst them was not uncommon.



  • Ace Android
  • Ace Exoskeleton: To complement his already big strength, Ernest Clay used an exoskeleton. Apart from enhanced strength, it also had a large gamma blaster at the chest.
  • Insulated Suits: Wanda Wayland's suit was able to shield her from the vacuum of space; a special membrane over her face mask allowed her to breathe.
  • Sceptre Royale: Mona Taylor bore a scepter that could alter her appearance into any other woman.
  • Stellaration: An odds-changing mechanism developed by Amos Fortune. Only used when he was part of the gang.



  • Crossbows: Ten's Little Indians were armed with crossbows.
  • Cybernetic eye: The third Jack of Spades was the first to give up one eye (albeit involuntarily). Several subsequent Jacks have had either one or two eyes replaced with a laser.
  • Firearms: Members have used a variety of standard firearms.
  • Lance: One of the new weapons of the first Ace of Spades, this lance could shoot acid-tipped spades.
  • Lasers: Several members have had wrist-mounted laser guns.
  • Playing cards: Either normal playing cards or modified ones, used as throwing weapons.
  • Spades: The Gambler gave Mona Taylor a wrist-mounted launcher that could shoot spade-shaped blades.
  • Staff: Several members have used a variety of laser and ray-shooting staffs and scepters.
  • Swords: Several members have used swords, both ordinary and laser shooting.


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