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Rudolph "Rudy" Jones was the supervillain known as Parasite and an enemy of Superman.

Through unknown means, Rudy Jones was somehow turned into the monstrous entity, Parasite, who fed on energy, asborbing it into his own body; he also became an enemy of the Kryptonian hero, Superman.

At some point in time, Rudy Jones became an acquaintance of various Superman villains, including John Corben/Metallo; he also met the Joker.

Years later, during the final battle between the Earth 0 resistence and the Last 52 Multiverse supervillains, Parasite and other Superman villains witnessed the rampage of Last Sun, a dark version of Superman. Metallo asked Parasite if he could suck Last Sun's powers with his abilities but the latter refused as he believed that the dark Kryptonian's energy could be dangerous to him.[1]





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