Ruin is a nightmare that inhabited The Dreaming and ended up fleeing to the waking world.

The first thing he remembers when he woke up in the field before the Palace of Dreams was hearing his name pronounced by Dream, referring to him as a complete ruin. Because he was considered a mistake since his birth, Ruin's first feeling was sadness. The next thing he remembers was meeting Jophiel, who revealed that they were in a dream, and that Ruin should do his job as a nightmare. Then he witnessed Saint Joan's martyrdom in the dream, which was a calling Jophiel was in charge of supervising; if the dream went well, the next day the dreamer would start his spiritual journey, but Ruin saw the boy who was dreaming and he fell in love with him, although a nightmare should feel nothing. Jophiel told him to create a nightmare for the dreamer, to frighten him and make him think about eternity, but Ruin tried to change the dream into something beautiful, however, being a nightmare, he did not succeed, and only made it worse, terrifying, causing Jophiel's ire and causing the angel to be expelled from The Dreaming and exiled to the waking world. Determined to find the boy, Ruin believed he could do something different, something good, and so he left The Dreaming.[1]

The opportunity came when he was sent to create a nightmare for a woman called Lindy Morris, who lived near Jophiel's exile in New Jersey. He tried to follow her out of The Dreaming while she slept, but switched places with her instead. Awakening in the waking world, Ruin realized that Morris was trapped in The Dreaming, and so he was forced to look after her baby daughter while he went to seek help from the exiled Jophiel, as Ruin did not know how to return to The Dreaming in order to help Morris to wake up, otherwise she will go crazy and end up dying.[2]




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