Rumaan Harjavti was a dictator and the ruler of the nation of Bialya.

He developed a strong interest in bolstering his country's defensive position by securing the power of select super-powered individuals, namely Blue Jay, the Silver Sorceress and Wandjina.[1]

Harjavti worked alongside a femme fatale known as the Queen Bee who brainwashed members of the Global Guardians into doing her bidding. Through the Queen Bee, Harjavti was able to capture Wandjina and held a special unveiling ceremony to present him to the people of Bialya. At the ceremony however, the Queen Bee played her hand, and revealed that she was the one who actually controlled Wandjina, not Harvajti. Under her orders, Wandjina grabbed Harjavti on stage and used his corrosive touch to kill him.[2]




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