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Mario was a bodyguard who became the extremist vigilante Rumor.

Mario was the bodyguard of Paul Karon. When Karon was introducing his latest invention, a device that shot low sound vibrations that could destroy buildings, he was attacked by the Joker, who ended up crippling him. Mario felt guilty at his failure to save his boss, and vowed to kill the super-villains of Gotham City, something Batman never had the courage to do.

Using an exosuit that Karon had created to fix his condition, Mario became known as Rumor. He began capturing Gotham's criminals, planning to use Karon's vibration device to kill all of them at once.

Batman and Robin, with the help of Paul Karon, managed to find Rumor's hideout and defeat him, though they also end up accidentally releasing the super-villains. After they are defeated, the villains, along with Rumor, are taken in by the GCPD.[1]



  • Rumor Exosuit


  • Electronic Bo-Staff: Rumor used a steel Bo staff that had an electrified end.



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