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Rupert Thorne was a relatively new mob boss in Gotham City, but after Boss Stromwell's forced retirement, Thorne was able to take over the drug rackets.

He was directly involved in the accident that caused the disfiguring of former Gotham's D.A., Harvey Dent's face. As a result of the accident, the villain Two-Face was created.[1]

Two-Face started attacking Thorne's businesses and Thorne tricked Dent's former fianceé to find Two-Face's hideout. Thorne forced Two-Face to surrender information about Thorne's criminal acitivies in Gotham and he tried to eliminate Two-Face, but Dent got the upper hand and would have killed Thorne if it hadn't been for Batman's timely arrival. After the incident, the police arrived and arrested Thorne and his gang.[2]

However, Thorne managed to get free and he started a gang war for control of the Gotham underground against Arnold Stromwell. After a failed attempt to kill his rival, Thorne chased him down to the train station where he was knocked down by Batman and later arrested by the GCPD.[3]




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