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Quote1 The Guardians promised me that I wouldn't ever have to get involved in war. Quote2
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Ry'jll is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


A pacifist from a far away planet, Ry'jll's notion against war and violence was a common trait among her people. Their entire race had never known deadly action and therefore had developed enlarged heads (as well as brains) and diminished bodies. Ry'jll's will and determination was discovered by the Guardians and she was invited to the Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern Corps

However, the entire Corps was needed during recent events against the renegade guardian Krona. Ry'jll was recruited in the fight against the malevolent being and was forced into the front lines against him. She witnessed great horrors in the face of war which shattered her mind as well as body. She remains in seclusion on Oa until the day she can return to active protection duty.



  • Pacifism: Although being a pacifist isn't outright a bad choice it limits Ry'jll's actions while among the Green Lantern Corps. Her pacifism isn't a choice either but a way of being for her people.



  • Flight: Through her Green Lantern Ring.




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