Quote1.png I know you don't play sports. You hate the outdoors and you're afraid of heights. You have asthma and allergies. Honestly, you're a bit of a mess. But you're also the only one who knows my tech and what I do with it as the Atom as well as I do. And more important than all of that ... you're the only one I can trust with this. Quote2.png
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Ryan Choi is the second Atom, an assistant to the first, Ray Palmer. He was a member of the Justice League of America.

Ryan Choi is the teaching assistant to the Ivy University professor Ray Palmer, better known in the superhero community as the size-altering scientist the Atom. In addition to his professional duties, Ryan became Dr. Palmer's confidant about his escapades as a superhero. Working together so closely, Ryan became just as proficient in Palmer's tech as the inventor himself.

One day, when researching a collection of time-robberies, Palmer became trapped in a remote location and sent a single message to Ryan for help, asking him to don a Bio-Belt and lead the search to find him.[1]

Justice League of America

After Ryan is scolded by Dean Plumm, Ryan heads back to the lab, via the Wi-Fi using the biobelt. Upon arrival he runs into Batman and Lobo who wanted to recruit Ray Palmer to the Justice League of America II. However after Ryan revealed that Ray was missing Batman decided to leave. When Lobo was impressed with a series equations that Ryan wrote on a chalk board Batman decided recruit Ryan into the Justice League. After being recruited Ryan traveled to City of Vanity, Oregon where he assisted in recruiting The Ray to the team.[2]

Reuniting with Palmer

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After several adventures, he eventually reunites with Ray Palmer in the Microverse.



  • Allergies: Ryan Choi is allergic to a plethora of items including most alcohols (except Poire Williams). He also suffers from asthma.[4]
  • Phobias: Ryan suffers from acrophobia (fear of heights) and agoraphobia (aversion to the outdoors).[1]
  • Restricted Vision: Ryan is nearsighted and so he needs to wear glasses.[4]





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