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Quote1.png I know you don't play sports. You hate the outdoors and you're afraid of heights. You have asthma and allergies. Honestly, you're a bit of a mess. But you're also the only one who knows my tech and what I do with it as the Atom as well as I do. And more important than all of that ... you're the only one I can trust with this. Quote2.png
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Ryan Choi is the second Atom, an assistant to the first, Ray Palmer. He was a member of the Justice League of America.


Ryan Choi is the teaching assistant to the Ivy University professor Ray Palmer, better known in the superhero community as the size-altering scientist the Atom. In addition to his professional duties, Ryan became Dr. Palmer's confidant about his escapades as a superhero. Working together so closely, Ryan became just as proficient in Palmer's tech as the inventor himself. One day, when researching a collection of time-robberies, Palmer became trapped in a remote location and sent a single message to Ryan for help, asking him to don a Bio-Belt and lead the search to find him.[1]

Justice League of America

Ryan Choi becomes the Atom

After being scolded by Dean Plumm, Ryan headed back to his lab via the Wi-Fi using the biobelt. Upon arrival he ran into Batman and Lobo who wanted to recruit Ray Palmer to the Justice League of America II. After Ryan revealed that Ray was missing Batman decided to leave, but when Lobo was impressed with a series equations that Ryan wrote on a chalk board they decided recruit Ryan into the JLA. Ryan then traveled to City of Vanity, Oregon where he assisted in recruiting The Ray to the team.[2] Ryan later put on a suit and as the Atom he helped the JLA fight the Extremists, through he was nearly killed by Lord Havok and had to retreat.[3] He then used an unique radiation he got from his suit's scanners to track him to Kravia, where the team defeated Havok along with the other Extremists.[4]

Ryan and Killer Frost later went to the Museum of Unnatural History to find the severed head of a creature to use in order to cure Caitlin from her heat sickness. Unfortunately, they couldn't find anything that could help Caitlin and the two fougaht Terrorsmith when he attacked the museum in order to find the severed head.[5]

Reuniting with Palmer

After failing to find a way to cure Frost again, Ryan finally triangulated the signal from professor Palmer.[6] He later asks the JLA for help, with Batman, Frost and Lobo going with him while the rest stayed out of the mission in case anything happened. Atom and three other heroes traveled to the Microverse with the help of a Shrinkship, unfortunately the ship got shot by something on the outside as soon as they entered the Microverse, cuasing the Shrinkship to crash on a planet.[7]

Ryan reunited with Ray Palmer

There the team got attacked by an alien army, they eventually met someone named Preon who had been working with Ray Palmer and even had his bio-belt, she told Ryan about another of Ray's partners named Aron Aut who tried to help the Mircroverse due to the multiple quantum storms that were happening. Preon later took the team to Moz-Ga, the Thinking Planet, where the team met Aron Aut who told the League not to trust Preon, they were then forced to run as they got hit by a quantum storm. As Ryan and Frost protected themselves from the storm, Ryan though of a way to get Moz-Ga to talk by shrinking himself even more, after telling Caitlin his plan, she kissed him and said that he better come back.[8]

Once he entered the molecular fabric of Moz-Ga, Ryan spoke to the planet in such a way that it made him respond due to Ryan treating him with respect to unlike the other people in the Microverse, unfortunately Moz-Ga couldn't pull out a miracle and stop the quantum storm but he could help Ryan find his mentor. The Atom returned with a Bio-Ship to help his team and Aron Aut fight the Null army, they then traveled to the ignition point of the storms, there Ryan finally reunited with Professor Ray Palmer, but he told him that he shouldn't had come here with Aut.[9] Ray explained that Aut also went by the name The Null and had previously betrayed him while the two along with Preon were trying to save the Microverse.[10][11] Fortunately Ryan defeated The Null and saved the Microsverse by getting smaller and using a counter explosion in the ignition point with his Bio-Belt. After this victory, Ryan received a more classic atom suit from Palmer as he had earned the mantle of the Atom.[12]

Surgical Strike

Prisoners of Prometheus

The Atom along with the rest of the league were interviewed by a Documentarian called John Porter after the team oppenned their sanctuary to everyday people in order to show transparency. In reality, John Porter was actually Prometheus, who attacked the team with their insecurities and locked them in along with the visitors on their sanctuary, which resulted in the Ray temporarily leaving the team. The villain also hacked Ryan's Bio-Belt to alter his mass and made him intangible.[13]

Ryan wandered around the sanctuary and found the Black Canary who had just survived and attack from Afterthought who was working with Prometheus. Due to his low density he communicated with Dinah through lip reading and told her to use her canary cry to make him solid again.[14] The Atom and the rest of the league eventually regrouped and defeated Prometheus. After the fight Lobo revealed to the team that Frost had feeded off from a member of the Null Army back in the Microverse.[15]

War Against Doom

When the Legion of Doom was able to free the Multiverse's creator Perpetua from her eternal imprisonment, the Atom was one of the many heroes who assembled in the Hall of Justice to defend it against the armies of Perpetua's right-hand man Lex Luthor.[16] After Luthor started to attack, Ryan and the Leaguers defended the Hall, engaging in huge fight against Perpetua's forces.[17]

Terrific Council

Ryan was eventually recruited by Mr Terrific into the T-Council, a team composed by some of the greatest minds on Earth.[18] The Atom helped the Terrifics in a fight by shrinking some demons who were actually several people that were abducted by the demon Sleroku with the help of Simon Stagg who believed that the demon could cure his cancer.[19] The Atom with the T-Council later arrived to help the Terrifics once again when Sebastian Stagg attacked Gateway City. When the team was stranded in space during a fight with Lobo, Silas Stone betrayed the team and joined Stagg.[20] Despite this, T-Council managed to return to Earth and stop Stagg's plan.[21]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

During the fight in Last 52 Multiverse, Ryan was present to fight the nightmare creatures as part of Earth 0's resistance army. He started to lose all hope, seeing the plan of Mr. Terrific to make the Metal Men change the phasing of the worlds of the Last 52 Multiverse, combining them with his T-Spheres, as useless due to the fact that they were dealing with magic and not science. The team is then attacked by Ra, Ryan's nightmare counterpart born in the Last 52 Multiverse, he saw how both their past were similar but Ra chose to stop doing his researches and became a supervillain.

The Atom fought Ra who was shooting radiation beams at him, but Ryan shrunk himself making it impossible for Ra to attack. When Ra was about to end Mister Terrific and Doc Magnus, claiming that their hope was pathetic, the Atom gew giant size for the first time and crushed Ra with his foot. This victory against Ra awakes Ryan's faith in exploring the unknown again.[22]


Other Characteristics

  • Allergies: Ryan Choi is allergic to a plethora of items including most alcohols (except Poire Williams). He also suffers from asthma.[24]
  • Phobias: Ryan suffers from acrophobia (fear of heights) and agoraphobia (aversion to the outdoors).[1]
  • Restricted Vision: Ryan is nearsighted and so he needs to wear glasses.[24]





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