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Quote1 ...it turns out she's just one of a quarter million murders in this country who have not seen justice, and that is a number I can't live with... Quote2
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Ryan Wilder is a young woman from Gotham City, whose adoptive mother was killed by the Wonderland Gang, that found Kate Kane's Batwoman suit after her plane crashed. After wearing the suit to go after Alice, she became the new Batwoman, replacing the missing Kate Kane with the goal of seeking justice for those who have been denied it.

Early History

Ryan Wilder was born from an unnamed mother who died after her birth; she also did not have a father who was out of the picture some time before her birth. She was put in the foster care system. Later in life she was adopted by a woman, Cora Lewis who Ryan became strongly emotionally attached to. During her teenage years, she became a martial artist.

In 2018, she and her foster mother move to another apartment in Gotham City: there, the two women were attacked by the emerging Wonderland Gang which killed Ryan's mother and left her bleeding on the floor watching as Alice scolded her goons about murdering them; Ryan played dead until the gang retreated and then tried to save Cora with CPR but she was already dead.

Some time later, she took the fall for her girlfriend who committed a drug crime and was sent to Blackgate, accepting a sentence of 18 months where she was the Inmate 4075. After leaving the prison, she went to live in a van, searching for jobs as a bodyguard but everyone refused to hire her because of her past criminal record; she was also quite acquainted with Gotham's underground world, even knowing Victor Zsasz and the False Face Society.

On October 31, 2019, Ryan was saved by Batwoman from some False Face Society members; she looked up to the vigilante as her idol, also for being a lesbian like her.

The Rise of a new Batwoman

In 2020, Safiyah Sohail made Kate Kane's plan crash: Ryan's van was parked nearby the crash site and she reached it first before help could arrive to see if she could find any survivors. What she found instead was the Batwoman suit, taking it for herself before anyone could arrive on the site. She planned to go after Alice but was tracked by Kate's former ally, Luke Fox, and stepsister, Mary Hamilton who asked her to return to them the Batsuit. Because of her desire to be the new Batwoman, she became the target of Hush who, posing as Bruce Wayne, wanted the Batsuit for himself in order to become the new Batman: eventually, Ryan managed to defeat the supervillain despite being shot in the left shoulder with a Kryptonite bullet which left a strange wound on her body.[7]

Later, Ryan decided to return to Luke Fox the Batsuit. Some days later, she was arrested by the Crows after stopping a robbery; in their headquarters, she met Sophie Moore again, blaming her and her agency for being sent to prison. Ryan was freed after the agents used the security cameras to ensure she was telling the truth about the robbery.

Thanks to her investigation abilities and knowledge about Kate's history, she was able to deduce that Kate Kane was really Batwoman. She came to Wayne Enterprises where she proposed Luke to resume the role of the Gotham City hero as the city needed someone to protect it: Luke let Ryan wear again the suit as Alice had installed some devices which called Desert Rose-powered bats upon the Gotham City Plaza where people gathered in order to ask for the return of Batwoman. Ryan tried to stop Alice to avenge her dead mother but, in the end, she chose to rescue the citizens, taking the bats away with the Batmobile and destroying them after blowing them up in a bus. Then, Luke and Mary welcomed her as the new official Batwoman and introduced her to the Batcave.[8]

Some days later, Mary Hamilton was targeted by Ryan's old acquaintance, Victor Zsasz, on the behalf of Safiyah Sohail for spreading the cure called Desert Rose. Ryan unsuccessfully tried to stop Zsasz who made her run away after shooting at her with a rocket launcher, so the woman chose to be smart and faked working for Zsasz in order to steal the name of his employer and his target list. Later, after replacing her suit and wig with some updated versions of them, Ryan confronted Zsasz again, distracting him long enough so she could take him down with her staff.[9]

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  • Ryan Wilder is portrayed by Javicia Leslie. Her younger self was portrayed by Ava Augustin.
  • She is a proud lesbian, like her predecessor, Kate Kane.



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