Ryand'r is the Prince of Tamaran and brother of Starfire and Blackfire.


  • Tamaranean Physiology: Ryand'r belongs to a race of extra-terrestrials from the planet Tamaran, providing him with a biological advantage over humans. Tamaraneans appear almost identical to humans save for their golden skin and iridescent eyes.
    • Flight: Although he has nether displayed the ability, Ryand'r is likely capable of unaided flight like other members of his race such as his sisters.
    • Linguistic Assimilation: Although he has never displayed the ability, Ryand'r presumably possesses the power of linguistic assimilation like the rest of his kind. The most efficient and quickest way for a Tamaranean to assimilate a language is through lip-to-lip oral contact with a practitioner of a sought after language.
    • Solar Energy Absorption: Ryand'r, like other Tamaraneans, passively absorbs solar energy from nearby stars into his body, giving him a multitude of solar-based abilities.
      • Solar Energy Distribution: Ryand'r can distribute his stored solar energy, increasing the power of a solar-powered ally such as Supergirl. Energy must be transferred through physical contact.[1]
      • Solar Energy Projection: Like other Tamaraneans, Ryand'r is able to convert his stored solar energy into potent blasts of green plasma which he can project from any part of his body.
    • Superhuman Strength: Although he has never displayed any feats of strength above the capabilities of a human Ryand'r presumably possesses a strength level akin to other members of his kind.


  • Missing Forearm: Ryand'r appears to be missing his entire right forearm, although the circumstances in which he lost his appendage is currently unknown.[2]


  • Cybernetic Right Forearm: Ryand'r wears a mechanical arm in place of his right forearm. It is unknown if this cybernetic arm possesses any advantages over a regular arm, or if Ryand'r simply wears it as a replacement.[2]



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