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Ryuko Orsono was Bushido, a Japanese superhero. He was an ally of the Teen Titans and later joined the Titans Los Angeles.

Ryuko Orsono was a Japanese teenager who became a bushidoka upon the death of his mother, which fulfilled a long family line of honorable heroes. Ryuku swore to avenge his mother by slaying the demon Tengu responsible for her death. He armed himself with a cadre of ancient weaponry -- each piece infused with the spirit of one of his ancestors, including his mother. He encountered the Tengu in the streets of Japan where he also met the former Teen Titans known as Beast Boy and Flamebird. The Tengu, who was possessing a civilian at the time, relinquished his hold over the boy and took possession of Beast Boy instead. Ryuko knew that the only way to destroy the Tengu was through decapitation and so he attempted to cut off Beast Boy's head. Flamebird contacted her allies in the Titans who arrived on the scene just as the Tengu took a hold of Beast Boy. When they learned of Ryuko's intent to decapitate him, they tried to stop him. Ryuko managed to elude their grasp and the battle tides turned when the Tengu brought more of his goblin brethren into the Earth realm. While the Titans battled the lesser Tengu, Bushido attacked the possessed Beast Boy. He sliced open his throat, forcing the Tengu to take his leave of him. Beast Boy survived and the Titans ran to his aid. Bushido went off into the night.[2]

Bushido never forgot his encounter with the Titans, and later traveled to Los Angeles for an impromptu Titans Los Angeles recruitment drive.[1]

Bushido later joined an improvised Titans group in battling the rampaging Superboy-Prime. He was one of the three fatalities of the battle. After Pantha and Baby Wildebeest were killed, Bushido attacked Superboy and was blasted in half by Superboy's heat vision.[3]



Each weapon was imbued with the soul of the warrior who wielded it, and these spirits guided Ryuko in battle.

  • Bushido was introduced as part of the year 2000 "Planet DC" event.



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