Quote1 We are done having Atlantis dictate our future! Quote2
Ryus src
Ryus is the king of Xebel.

As a ruler of an oppressed kingdom, he was plotting against Atlantis to free his kind. Initially, he sent Larken, whom he hoped would become his son-in-law, to kill the heir of Atlantis, Arthur Curry.

When the mission started to get out of hands due to his daughter's interference, he took an army with him to deal with it himself. However, Atlanna, queen of Atlantis, was there to defend her son with her own army. Arthur and Mera, his daughter, were able to defuse the situation before a battle ensued.


  • Atlantean Physiology: The Atlanteans are offshoots of humanity that are biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. All their abilities are by-products of their bodies being adapted to survive unprotected in the tremendous pressures of the ocean depths.




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