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Professor Q was a member of the Monarchy.

Little is known of her life before joining The Monarchy, even by the Professor herself, and she has only recently remembered her name. Professor Q was introduced to King by "Business Associates", extra-dimensional arms dealers, from whom King may have bought her. She is responsible for a number of the high tech systems in the Crown, including its teleportation system, as well as the Crown itself, and improving and strengthening the Monarchy's version of the Carrier.

She seems to develop some romantic interest in Malcolm King.


  • Superhuman Intelligence: Due to her connection to a super-computing neutron star by linking to computers across time and space (hence her name, "The Calculator Goddess"). Professor Q has a vast superhuman intellect, and can master hideously complex technology and concepts.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Professor Q is capable of designing and creating complex objects out of thin air, within seconds, usually creating energy guns, projectile weapons, jet packs or miniature black holes.
    • Chronokinesis: She can generate machinery as quickly as she can invent them and was able to invent and generate a singularity generator in picoseconds.
    • Bio-Fission: Also, she seems capable of manifesting extra arms as well as multiple copies of herself and at varying sizes.