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Sabina was a rival to Freddy Freeman for the power of Shazam.

Sabina De La Croix was born to the demon necromancer Marius De La Croix and his Creole sorceress wife Rebecca "Becca" De La Croix, two former members of the Merlin Council who had fled in an attempt to live a normal life. When Sabina was roughly 6-7 years old, the Council caught up with Marius and Becca despite their constant moving from town to town. Young Sabina watched on in horror as her parents were magically burned alive before her, later being taken in by a friend of her mother's. Later in her teen years, Sabina accidentally revealed her affinity for magic when she angrily summoned a death charm and inadvertently killed a fellow student. The incident exposed her existence to the Council, who promptly captured her and determined her to be a Fury - a warrior of immense magical strength. Coupled with her sociopathic tendencies, this made her ideal for recruitment as an enforcer.

Several years later when the Book of Magic was rewritten following the death of the wizard Shazam, the Council of Merlin saw an opportunity to place their own champion in the void left by Billy Batson's ascension. Out of the nine candidates they had available, only Sabina was still alive - a situation which some believed may not have been coincidence. Under the orders of the Council, Sabina began hunting down and defeating the new Gods of Magic in an attempt to claim the powers of Shazam before Billy's champion - Freddie Freeman - could win them himself. Using a combination of deceit and coercion, she managed to claim half of the powers before Freddie could, ultimately reaching the point where she had only to defeat the final god Zeus in order to become the new champion.

In order to force Zeus out of hiding, Sabina made an alliance with the demon sorcerer Merlin - namesake of the Council and her own ancestor - and ushered in a demon invasion of Las Vegas. Calling on the Justice League to fight the invasion, Freddy fought Sabina to a standstill and threatened to throw them both through the open portal that the demons had come from... thus destroying them both and ending the threat. Freddy's willingness to sacrifice himself in such a way convinced Zeus to emerge and grant the final power to Billy's champion instead of Sabina. Freddie's transformation into the new Captain Marvel (now called 'Shazam') was powerful enough to knock Sabina through the portal, thus closing it and ending the invasion. Sabina's ultimate fate wasn't shown, but she was presumed to have been either destroyed or imprisoned in Hell as a result.





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