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Sac is a member of the Council of Spiders who is consistently partnered with Goliath.

Sac's motive for joining the council is never made clear but he and Goliath are not seen again following Vitoria's decision to focus on killing heroes rather than assassins. After gleefully attacking and, along with Goliath, skillfully killing an entire base of League of Assassins killers Sac goes out of his way to frighten and threaten Tamara Fox but the only swing he takes at her misses by several feet despite her close proximity and he keeps his spiders near his own body instead of swarming her with them.


  • Animal Control: Sac can control spiders. Which spiders has yet to be revealed but it is assumed that he controls Sac Spiders which are what he's named after, though the "spiders" he controls are fairly consistently drawn with five legs and may not be actual spiders at all. These spiders hang around him and he can control them to attack and gnaw their way into his victims and reproduce. He can control thousands of these spiders at one time without any real stress or verbal command.
  • Enhanced Durability: Sac's skin acts like a carapace of sorts and allows him to take extra damage that would immobilize normal humans. He's taken kicks, punches, and direct blows from weapons without any sign of stopping. He's also been bitten countless times by venomous spiders without any sign of harm or negative effect. He's also been electrocuted and lived.


  • Swordsmanship: Sac has trained extensively with his favorite weapons a pair of small sickles. His horizontal slashes and stabbing vertical hits pattern that of a Sac Spider's motions when it attacks it's prey.



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