Sacker was a humanoid snake-man and one of the many genetically evolved experiments conducted by Project Moreau in the 1940s.

He resided on an uncharted island called the Wild Lands and was the proprietor of a trading post. Following the "Beast Wars", Sacker had an arrangement with Project Moreau scientist, Doctor Grant, to administer a drug to any human civilians that happened upon the island. The drug robbed them of their memories, and stunted their capacity for intellectual thought. Because of this practice, the other denizens of the Wild Lands believed that all human beings were nothing more than mute, savages.

Several years ago, Sacker came into possession of an old energy weapon that had been left behind on the island. He bartered with the gorilla-men for it, and while testing it, they fired a blast into the sky that struck a passing Superboy. Superboy fell to the jungles and the effects of the ray beam robbed him of his powers. Sacker administered his drug to Superboy, turning him into a wild, feral beast-boy. He kept him as a slave at his trading post for over a month, but Superboy eventually escaped and made his way to the capital city of Roam.

Sacker journeyed to Roam to reclaim his "property" and negotiated with the Wild Lands' monarch, Great Caesar. At the urging of Caesar's son, Tuftan, Superboy remained in the city, and in exchange, Sacker was given an old broken television set (which was considered a valuable artifact to the Roamans).

Superboy eventually regained his memory and his powers and teamed up with the Wild Men to liberate the other human slaves from Sacker's company.

This version of Sacker is based on the Pre-Crisis Sacker of Earth-AD continuity. The original Sacker was created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.



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