Quote1.png Ja, Blackhawk! Ve built der machine to travel through jungle, desert und swampland! Quote2.png
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For long distance land excursions through swamps or jungles, the Blackhawks used the Safari-mobile.


In 1957 the Blackhawks first deployed the Safari-mobile, shipping it to Mombasa, Kenya, and driving it north, toward Nairobi, searching for one missing Blackhawk, Stanislaus, and his crashed F-90.

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  • The color scheme of the Safari-mobile varied considerably. Sometimes it was green, other times it was gray, and often it sported a garish yellow and red scheme.
  • This vehicle's design's "ancestry" may include an earlier experimental vehicle, developed for the Blackhawks, the "Aqua-Tank," seen in panels 2, 3, & 4 of page 3 of the 3rd story in Blackhawk #117. That design failed an important test, at that competition, but this may have been due to fraud on the part of one of the contestants, who turned out to be a super villain.
  • One Safari-mobile was destroyed in the 3rd story in Blackhawk #121.

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