The Sage Force is an energy field that radically enhances the minds of its conduits.


The Sage Force is an energy field that radically enhances the minds of its conduits.

During his time in the 25th Century, Hunter Zolomon studied the history books there and discovered that the Speed Force and its negative weren't the only cosmic forces in the multiverse. These other forces lay dormant due to a "Force Barrier." Zoom manipulated Barry Allen and Wally West into running fast enough to break said barrier, which allowed Zolomon to tap into the Sage and Strength Forces.[1]


The Sage Force seems to enhance the intelligence of its conduits to super-genius levels as well as granting them psychic powers such as telepathy and telekinesis.[1]

It is also the force best affiliated with the Apes of Gorilla City, as the force of mind also pushes the psyche and the body to grow and evolve beyond it's initial physical limitations. Individuals who come under the Sage Force's influence are enwrapped within the fire of thought itself, appearing to burst into flames when touched by it.[2][3]

Upon reawakening however, the recipient is restored to full health and given vast power over mind and body. Power stemming to physiological regeneration and mental evolution.[4]

Unlike the other forces, the sage force seemingly has the capacity to be better utilized through technological means. Various mechanical apparatuses constructed through the force's power enables it's user to bring their thoughts to life.[5] Other uses enable the wielder to teleport over unknown distances.[6]

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