Saied Kadesh is an Egyptian man working for the Antiquities Service and is responsible for a project involving a stone-by-stone reconstruction of the Temple of Ramesses the Great in Abu Simbel, Egypt.

He was part of the Batson expedition in Abu Simbel, where he was a witness of the Batsons' murders by Theo Adam. Saied was attacked and his throat slashed by Adam, but he survived and was rendered permanently mute. He contacted the Egyptian authorities and provided damning evidence against Adam and his employer, Thaddeus Sivana, for intentionally stealing Egyptian artifacts, on WHIZ Radio. Sivana attempted to silence Saied by bombing the radio station, but prevented by Captain Marvel.

Saied returned to Egypt and finished the reconstruction of the Temple of Ramesses. Years later, he was again confronted by Theo Adam - now as the reincarnated Black Adam - who came to ask Saied for forgiveness for hurting him.[1]



  • Mute: After being knifed by Theo Adam, Saied is mute.
  • In his first appearance, Saied's hair was black. When he is seen again, chronologically 4 years later, his hair is white. Obviously age came to Saied.



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