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Saint Columba is a plant elemental part of the Parliament of Trees.

The being who would become known as Saint Columba lived in Ireland at some point between 100-200 AD. Born with a crippling deformity, the Irishman was eventually cast out of his clan. His people provided him with a final meal of linseed gravel and barley, then hung him. His body was then taken down and cast into a nearby bog as a sacrifice to Bel, god of the sun. The Irishman laid in the bog for many years, but eventually rose as the next plant elemental of Earth. When this being assumed the title of Erl-King, people from his native land began referring to him as Saint Columba.

As an Erl-King, Saint Columba became one of the venerated members of the Parliament of Trees and part of an aspect of the Parliament known as the Committee. Each member of the Parliament introduced a new concept to their ever-growing communal mind. Saint Columbia showed them the lonliness of alienation.

He was also instrumental in showing the Earth's latest elemental, Alec Holland, how to hone his abilities and communicate with the Green. He presided over a meeting to determine whether or not Alec Holland would take his rightful place amongst the Parliament, thereby enabling the troublesome Sprout to become the next plant elemental. The Swamp Thing interfered in this venture, and Saint Columba, along with three other Committee members were fused into a new elemental entity known as the Wild Thing. The Swamp Thing ultimately destroyed the Wild Thing, and Saint Columba's essence was cast into the void.

His essence took root on another world capable of sustaining plant life. During this exile, Saint Columba was one of several off-world elementals who had garnered the attention of the Dominators during their quest to subjugate the planet Earth. Since Saint Columba was off-planet at the time that the Parliament of Trees was destroyed by the Word, it is reasonable to assume that he may still be alive.




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