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Sakki was an assassin hired by the yakuza to kill Japanese vigilantes Gunshin and Byakko that obstructed their business.

Sakki attacked a village that was defended by Byakko and Gunshin. The attack also brought the attraction of Superman, who was visiting Japan, and entered the battle for the couple to evacuate the village. Sakki was arrested at the end. Gunshin entered into a debt of honor with Superman, in which he tried to kill Sakki but forbid from doing so by Superman. This consequently allowed Sakki to escape and return to killing Gunshin.[1]

Sakki would be later hired by Dark Angel to kill Supergirl. Sakki used his intangibility to dodge Supergirl's blows and his emotion-absorbing power to make himself more powerful during the fight, as well as torturing her psychologically. However he didn't count on Supergirl's emotions overloading him or the Girl of Steel finding a way to bypass his invulnerability, and Sakki was defeated. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.


  • Sakki's name translates into "Bloodlust".



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