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Sala is a Tunisian superhero, the champion of the goddess Ishtar.

While excavating in the Syrian desert, archaeologist Sala Nisaba discovered a gateway to the Babylonian underworld known as Kurnugi. Unfortunately, at the same time she inadvertently freed the demon Pazuzu and other vengeful gods. Kurnugi's ruler, Nergal, informed Sala that she was descended from Ishtar, Lady of Battle, and by Nergal's mystical touch Sala was transformed into a new Ishtar.

Teamed with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, a friend since attending art school together, Sala battled Pazuzu, Nergal and his wife, Ereskigal, and the monstrous Tiamat. Later, with the help of the Justice League, the Babylonian deities were returned to Kurnugi. Sala continues to use her powers as the avatar of Ishtar to combat evils ancient and modern.



  • Sala was one of many of the international heroes introduced during DC's "Planet DC" theme annuals of 2000.