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Sally was a retirement handler for the Central Intelligence Agency. She was assigned to the case of Paul Moses, and the two developed a friendship over the years. Despite being confined to a desk job, she wished she could travel the world like he had. After new director Michael Beesley ordered Moses' death, she was shocked to learn that he had been the world's greatest assassin.[1] He came to visit her in her apartment while on the run, making use of her connection to the agency computers. Feeling a connection with her, he explained the depths of his sordid past. Paul thanked her for being so kind to him throughout their relationship, and apologized for putting her through something so scary. As he left, he considered murdering her for a split-second from force of habit, then quickly decided not to. She was crying while he walked out the door.[2]

  • In the Red film adaptation, Sally is instead federal pension worker Sarah, and played by actress Mary-Louise Parker.[3]



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