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Quote1.png Don't let the skirt fool you, Saponi. This cop is an O'NEIL! Quote2.png
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Sally O'Neil was a Policewoman in New York City, in the early 1940s.

In 1940 in New York City, Sally O'Neil became a police officer, like her father, Sgt. O'Neil, and three brothers, Pat, Mike, and Tom O'Neil. At this time, female police officers were extremely rare, almost unheard-of. Sally had a lot to prove, and did so, every day for at least six years. She took chances and she got results; her arrest record was amazing.

Police work in any era is a hazardous business. Miss O'Neil was shot at, and missed, an unknown number of times. She was shot at, and hit, thrice.[1] She shot at, and hit, at least eight felons, none fatally.[2] She did however kill one enemy, hand-to-hand, by pushing a knife-wielding Japanese spy off a building ledge.[3] She has also survived two car crashes,[4] jumped or been thrown off of two speeding passenger trains,[5] and smashed through at least one closed window.[6] And like almost all crime-fighters of her generation, Sally suffered a minimum of ten recorded instances of blunt instrument head trauma.[7]


  • Marksmanship Sally practiced, a lot, on the police range, and she only hit bullseyes. She was lightning-fast on the draw, too.
  • Jiu-Jitsu Sally practiced, a lot, in the police gym, and could throw almost any cop on the force.
  • Throwing She could disarm a pistol-pointer from across two rooms with a thrown plate.[8] From the ground, Sally could throw a live skunk thru a hayloft window.[9]


  • Semiautomatic handgun, plus concealed .22-cal semiauto handgun
  • Baton
  • Handcuffs

  • Sally O'Neil was known to be dating Hollywood man-about-tinseltown Barry Gilmore, for some time in the early 1940s.[10] He asked Sally to marry him a lot of times, but she always turned him down.