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"Burning Down the World":
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Quote1.png Losing your temper yet, Lex? I'll let you in on a little secret. I lost my temper long, long ago, and I've never found it. Maybe it's under one of the sofa cushions! Pain? You can't stop me by hurting me! Don't you know me at all? Pain is my boon companion! My stalwart friend! I am alive with pain every moment of every day, Lex! Ever since that fateful day when I was baptized in a vat of chemical goo, that corrosive stuff has burned through my skin like fire. Pain is my One True Love! I admire your willingness to do violence, Lex. Because you have no problem doing it when you have to. But I'm different, Lex. I do violence because it's fun! You're good at your job, Lex. But me? I LOVE MY JOB! Quote2.png
The Joker

Salvation Run #6 is an issue of the series Salvation Run (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2008. It was published on April 16, 2008.

Synopsis for "Burning Down the House World"

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The villains in Luthor's camp continue to argue over what to do about the imprisoned Martian Manhunter. Also, Thunder and Lightning, two former heroes who had perhaps been falsely imprisoned, are caught by Bane attempting to rescue him. They are likewise held prisoner.
As tensions heat up, the Joker begins to argue with and satirize Lex Luthor's leadership, leading them into a heated conflict. After Luthor severely berates and provokes the Joker, naturally, the Joker backhand slaps him across the face.

In Vandal Savage's camp, tensions grow between Savage and the four ladies he has brought with him, each of whom he has promised a position of Royalty in his proposed new utopian kingdom to, as his Queen. The ladies, while growing disgruntled, appear to be unaware of the promises he's made to the others.

Back in the main camp, Luthor and the Joker prepare to finally have a fistfight between them, an all-out brawl to determine which one will retain supremacy. The fight is long and bloody, and although Luthor arguably gets in more hits, the Joker finally wins due to his bizarre complete tolerance for pain.

As the fight ends, it is revealed while all of the border guards had been watching the melee, not only have an alarming number of the planet's bizarre robot protectors resurfaced, but there is also a gigantic invasion of incoming Parademons by Boom Tube.

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