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"We Gotta Get Out of this Planet": As the Parademon attack continues, one of them stabs Brutale. The villains manage to defeat the Parademons, but Lex Luthor correctly surmises this to be just the first wave. Mome

Quote1.png Call us bad guys, call us villains, call us whatever you like -- though I prefer "anti-heroes" myself. We may not be the ones you want marrying your daughter, but we have this to say for ourselves -- when everything goes to Hell -- we're the ones -- maybe the only ones -- that are certain to survive. Why, you ask? Because unlike the "good" guys, we're willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Honestly, I'd love nothing more than to put the whole thing out of my mind. Those weeks we spent trapped on that miserable Hellhole of a planet. But it keeps coming back to me -- the death and the tension and the waiting. So I let those thoughts run their course, and I experience it all over again for a few minutes like it's still happening. And then I get on with my life. Those in my profession don't get a lot of time for reflection. We're always moving forward. Always on to the next thing. We have to. It's what we know. We do what we have to do. We fight. And we survive. Quote2.png
Captain Cold

Salvation Run #7 is an issue of the series Salvation Run (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2008.

Synopsis for "We Gotta Get Out of this Place Planet"

As the Parademon attack continues, one of them stabs Brutale. The villains manage to defeat the Parademons, but Lex Luthor correctly surmises this to be just the first wave. Moments after Luthor said this, the planet's creatures burst from the camp's ground and attacks the villains. However, the Parademons return and focus on attacking the creatures in which the creatures in turn ignores the villains and focus only on attacking their attackers leaving the villains completely befuddled. In explaining to Dr. Sivana of why the creatures are attacking the Parademons, Luthor theorize that the planet's "defense mechanism" have been aimed at the Parademons for the whole purpose of its function. Seeing that the planet is turning into a war zone, Lex commands the villains into relocating to a safer place along with the Boom Tube device that they are building. Lex isn't entirely sure of where a safer place to locate until in which Catwoman informs him about Vandal Savage's camp.

At the Safe Zone, Vandal have been seeing the attack on Luthor's Camp from off-distance and is approached by his followers. The women belligerently informs Vandal that they have figure that he has been manipulating them into turning against each other in which Vandal is glad that they share a "common cause" as part of his plan for his "civilization". Still offended the women attack him but are confronted by Luthor and the other arriving villains with the help of Warp's telepotational powers. Luthor convinces Vandal to help complete the teleportation device and return them all home. Gorilla Grodd (having survived the fall and working with Vandal Savage) rejoins the group, and attempts to murder Joker for his attempt to kill him. They are interrupted by another Parademon patrol who are quickly defeated after some of them do away with General Immortus and Solomon Grundy. With the machine finished, the villains return to Earth. Luthor leaves last, revealing that he used Heatmonger, Thunder and Lightning, Plasmus, Neutron and Warp to power it and planned on leaving them behind as they are only ones powering the Boom Tube. Still conscious, Thunder accuses Luthor as a monster, in which Luthor angrily reply that he have done everything necessary to help everyone to escape back to Earth and that the "heroes" are the ones at fault who brought them on the planet.

Before leaving, he tells the Parademons "I win! Do you hear me? I BEAT YOU! ALL OF YOU!" Upon his departure, the teleporter explodes, killing the Parademons. The story closes with Captain Cold narrating the mentality of the villains, and of how they're willing to do what it takes to survive. The view then shifts around the planet taking in the destruction of the Safe Zone, and the burning ruins of the camp with the Martian Manhunter still in his prison.

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  • The Rogues: Mirror Master, Captain Cold and Weather Wizard's technique, "Hail fellow, well met" that was used on the Parademons, is a archaic English idiom used either as an exaggerated greeting or referring to a person who is sociable and constantly making an effort at winning friends.

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