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Sal Maroni was a Gotham City mob boss, second only to Carmine Falcone.

Salvatore Maroni started out with nothing in his life, but kept his head down and worked hard, which eventually lead to him being the second most powerful crime boss in Gotham City (with the most powerful being Carmine Falcone. Maroni ran his operations from a restaurant of his, which he plotted to take over the city.

Maroni casually befriended a young restaurant worker named Pablo, unaware he is in fact Oswald Cobblepot, a small-time thug who once worked for Falcone's underling Fish Mooney before being banished from the Falcone crime family and presumed dead for his deception.

A robbery later occurred at the restaurant in which the manager was killed, but "Pablo" managed to hide with the money. Maroni rewarded him by promoting him to bar manager and paying for a suit for him. But unaware to Maroni, Cobblepot was behind it.

Cobblepot eventually admitted to Maroni about his true identity and what had happened. Angry, Maroni slammed his head off the table and contacted Detective James Gordon who was ordered to do the hit but spared Cobblepot. Gordon confirmed Cobblepot's story, and Maroni let him go. Maroni decided to keep Cobblepot around in order to use him to gain information on the Falcone family and their plans. However Cobblepot is actually in a secret alliance with Falcone himself to get information on the Maroni family.

When Fish ends up going into hiding after Cobblepot exposes to Falcone that she tried to muscle him out, Fish got revenge by contacting Maroni at his bar and revealed that Cobblepot is a mole. Maroni becomes skeptical, and it see if Cobblepot is truly a traitor drives him to a cabin outside the city, claiming to be meeting someone. Cobblepot becomes unnerved, believing that Maroni is planning to kill him. Whilst Maroni leaves the cabin for a short while, Cobblepot arms himself with a gun in the worst case scenario. Maroni sits down Cobblepot and plays a game in which the pair of them have to reveal a secret, with Maroni confessing they weren't going to meet any guy. After going back and forward, Cobblepot pulls a gun out on Maroni, confirming to him that Fish's claims are true. Cobblepot pulls the trigger, but to his horror discovers Maroni filled them with blanks. Maroni proceeds to knock Cobblepot unconscious.

Maroni has Cobblepot put in a disused car and shoved in a car crusher at a junkyard, and lights up a cigar and prepares to watch Cobblepot's demise. But Cobblepot uses his phone to contact the junkyard owner, telling him Falcone is sending thugs over. The junkyard owner panics and stops the process of crushing the car and flees. Cobblepot manages to escape from Maroni, much to his anger.

Maroni goes to meet Falcone at his manor to negotiate and wishes for Cobblepot to die, but Falcone wants him kept alive and makes a deal with Maroni to spare the young man's life in exchange for a corrupt judge that sent down some of Maroni's guys. Falcone presents to Maroni the judge for them to torture, saying they can share them, much to Maroni's happiness. Later on Maroni heads to Cobblepot's new club (formerly run by Fish) and tells him that when the day comes and Falcone passes away, Maroni is coming for him.

Knowing he made a deal not to kill Cobblepot, Maroni instead turns up at the bar to harass him. On one occasion he gets talking to Cobblepot's mother Gertrud Kapelput and break her illusion of her son being an honest nightclub owner, and is instead a gangster and sadistic killer. In anger Cobblepot tells Maroni he will pay for it, but an amused Maroni takes his leave, telling them they need to get real. This moment makes Cobblepot determined that Maroni needs to die.