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Sal Maroni was the head of the mob after Carmine Falcone was placed in Arkham Asylum.

He formed a brief alliance with Gambol to fight Batman and Harvey Dent. In a meeting with Gotham's mobsters, Sal was confronted by the Joker who himself offered to kill Batman for half of all their money, but the mob refused; they changed their decision after Batman captured Lau in Hong Kong and delivered him to the Gotham police. Lau's testimony allowed Dent to put all the mobsters in Gotham on trial, but as one of the bosses Maroni was able to make bail. Maroni was later interrogated by Batman above a club hours after the apparent murder of Lieutenant James Gordon. Despite Batman breaking one of his legs by throwing him off a building, Maroni did not disclose the Joker's whereabouts, instead lecturing Batman about letting people die by not turning himself in to the Joker. After countless people and several city officials had been killed and Dent badly scarred because of the Joker, Maroni realized that joining forces with the Joker had created more chaos than he could handle and he told Gordon the Joker's location.

He was later interrogated by a scarred Harvey "Two-Face", who shot the driver of his limo, causing it to flip over. Maroni's status after this is unknown.



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