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General Sam Lane is an antagonist to Superman and the father of Lois Lane and Lucy Lane. His wife is Ella Lane. He is a great military leader and believes that people with as much power as Superman prove an ongoing threat to humanity stemming from his natural distrust. A true patriot, he is willing to cross many lines and even go to his death in the defense of his country. This includes working alongside Lex Luthor on several occasions. There is irony in that his daughter is married to Clark Kent, secretly his greatest enemy. Although he appeared to die fighting Imperiex during Our Worlds at War, New Krypton showed that he had faked his own death. Later he committed suicide during the War of the Supermen. He was also the leader of Project 7734.

Sam Lane was created by Robert Bernstein and Kurt Schaffenberger, first appearing in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #13 (1959).


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