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Quote1.png Like mercurial avenging angels we shall swoop from the sky, my lad .. we two, in the service of civilization! Quote2.png
Colonel Sam Shot src

Mostly-accidental heroes Sam Shot and Slim Shell traveled the world during World War II. Together they were known as Shot & Shell.

Dapper, small, fiery, impetuous blowhard Colonel Sam Shot, and his junior partner Slim Shell were mostly-accidental heroes, during World War II. Shot was thought to be prone to prevarication. They may have had their deficiencies as navigators,[1] but both were amazing hand-to-hand fighters, and had to prove it on a number of occasions.

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Shot and Shell were last seen on an ice floe, adrift on the Arctic Ocean.



  • Compulsive braggadocio


That walking stick of his might as well have been an epee and a baseball bat all in one.