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Quote1 Yes, that was my name. Once. But no longer. Now I am the Avatar of the White. And our time is running out. Quote2
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Sam Zhao is Alan Scott's late fiancé who, after his death, became the Avatar of the White.

About five years after the first Apokoliptian invasion of Earth, Alan was about to propose to Sam when the train they were on was derailed by an explosion, killing Sam and injuring Alan. After Alan became Green Lantern and dealt with the "Man of Grey" known as Grundy, he went to China to talk to Sam's father about his death, fearing that he was the one responsible for it, only to be told that Sam himself may have been the target of the explosion.

As the war between Earth and Apokolips gained in momentum, Sam reappeared to Alan and Grundy, now forced to join forces, announcing that he was the Avatar of The White, the elemental force of the air, and that their time was running out.

When Deathspawn launched its attack upon the Parliament of Earth and killed the embodiment of The Blue and its avatar, the powers of the avatars waned which led the Parliament to instruct Alan Scott to combine the spirits (and therefore the avatars) to combat the invasion,[1] though Sam's spirit still exists within Alan.[2]

After being defeated by Darkseid, Alan is awoken from near-death by Sam's essence who reveals that he was chosen as a fellow avatar to ease Alan's transition into realizing his full potential as the last champion of Earth and to embody its primordial essences at the cost of losing his memories of Sam.[3]


  • Unique Physiology: As the Avatar of the White, Sam is an extremely powerful being capable of manipulating air and controlling weather-based phenomena.[4]
    • Aerokinesis: Sam can control and manipulate the air.[4]
      • Air Blasts: Sam can control, and generate very powerful winds and air currents, strong enough to instantly knock Grundy.[4]
      • Flight: Sam can ride air currents, making him fly. He can fly for hours without tiring.[4]
      • Energy Construct Creation: Sam has shown to be able to shape the air in different forms and shapes, from shields to weapons.[4]
    • Weather Manipulation: Sam is able to control the weather.[4]
      • Storm Generation: Sam can generate fierce storms, which are powerful enough to stagger a group of enemies with relative ease.[4]
      • Electrokinesis: Sam can summon extremely powerful lightning bolts from the sky, allowing him to injure and repel powerful beings such as Darkseid.[4]