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Samantha Clayton was a woman who Oliver cheated on his then girlfriend Laurel Lance with, accidentally getting her pregnant.

Samantha was given two million dollars by Oliver's mother Moira Queen to leave Starling City and tell Oliver the baby was miscarriaged.[1]

Eight years later, Oliver spotted Samantha in C.C. Jitters in Central City, with her son William, realizing she lied about the miscarriage after seeing how old he was. Oliver went to visit her house, and Samantha told Oliver that he could see William only if he kept him a secret, which Oliver agreed too.[2]

When William gets kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk, Samantha returned to Star City, and berated Oliver for making William a target. Oliver revealed to her that was the Green Arrow and it was outed to his team that he had a son, causing Felicity to rethink their upcoming marriage.[3]

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  • Samantha Clayton was portrayed by Anna Hopkins.