Samantha Cronin is the Flying Fox, a human hero of Astro City. She uses her Aero-Cycle for transportation in defense of the whole city, though she bases her operations out of the Northside neighborhood. Samantha is the daughter of Irene Merriwether, a reporter from the 60s. Irene Merriwether is known as the woman who sent Atomicus, an atomic super-hero, away from Earth when she revealed his true identity. Irene's mistakes led Samantha to become the hero she is despite her lack of powers.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Flying Fox can be described as a tenacious fighter who is extremely skilled in order to make up for her lack of superhuman abilities.


  • Aero-Cycle: The Flying Fox rides a powerful jet engine motorcycle which has no wheels and only an anti-gravity device where the front wheel should be. The sound of the machine roaring through the skies is a familiar sound for the citizens of the Northside neighborhood of Astro City.
  • Samantha has no connection to the original Flying Fox.
  • Samantha is dating a woman named Katherine, affectionately known as simply Kathy.