Sammy and his best friend Cash first encountered the Teen Titans during the brand new T-Car's first mission. Sammy and Cash stopped the owner, Cyborg, to comment on how nice the car was. The Titan could not stay long, though, since he was dragged away by Raven to go fight the mission. In Cyborg's temporary absence, Cash and Sammy decided to hijack the T-Car.

The two rowdy teenagers managed to disable the T-Car's alarm and lock. Cash volunteered to drive, and the kids began their joyride around town.

Cash and Sammy stopped at the local drive-in to show off their "new car" to their friends. The two did not stay long and drove away to the Crash Alley Raceway.

At the raceway, the boys signed up for a race with the T-Car. They were immediately allowed to, and their opponent car was a tiny, green buggy.

The T-Car, of course, was the winner. Cash and Sammy, in an attempt to gloat in the loser's face, walked over to the green car and was zapped by a strange yellow beam. The owner of the green car was the evil genius Gizmo who stole the T-Car from the boys to ride around with it himself. Cash and Sammy were left suspended in the yellow bubble.

Later, Cyborg found the boys trapped and began to interrogate them. They told him about Gizmo. The Titan, frustrated that he lost his car again, stomped off in rage and notified the police about the captured hijackers at the raceway.

After a long chase, Cyborg loses Gizmo and the T-Car. The Titan returns to the drive-in to find Cash and Sammy had escaped. Raven, who then arrives at the drive-in, helps Cyborg contain the boys once again. Raven vows they won't escape the cops this time.

As Raven said, the cops find Cash and Sammy and arrest them. The boys are taken to jail with captured Gizmo and Overload.



  • Black Muscle Car: Sammy or Cash owns a black sports car. They take pride in their car but prefer the T-Car much more. Cyborg "borrows" their car in order to chase Gizmo.
  • T-Car (Formerly)



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