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Quote1.png When you're in the passenger seat of my custom Chronomobile, eternity's the limit! We'll dine Al Fresco on Triceratops Bourgignon in the twilight of the Cretaceous Era, then end the evening with drinks at the crucifixion. Quote2.png
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Samson was a time-traveling strongman who traveled the cosmos in his custom Chronovolt, honing his skills in combat and getting into numerous misadventures alongside his friend, Atlas.

When Krull launched an attack on Metropolis during Lois Lane's birthday, Samson and Atlas arrived and quickly defeated him and his army of Subterranosauri. They quickly challenged Superman to a series of challenges in Lois' honor in their attempts to court her, aggravating Superman.

In the underground land of the Subterranosauri, Samson presented Lois with a necklace made of Irradiated Crown Jewels that he and Atlas claimed to have borrowed from the Ultrasphinx during the first dynasty of Atom-Hotep of the 80th Century BC. Superman, out of Lois hearing, told Samson that he did not like the man and that trouble always followed him, before asking what he could do to make Atlas and Samson give up on "his girl", only for Samson to reveal that he had a copy of a newspaper from the near-future with a headline reading "SUPERMAN: DEAD", claiming that Lois would not be "his girl" for long, and would need a shoulder to cry on. Suddenly, the Ultrasphinx itself appeared, demanding that the Jewels be returned- revealing that Samson and Atlas had stolen, not borrowed them. While Samson offered to help Superman fight the Ultrasphinx to save Lois, Superman diffused the situation by solving the Sphinx's riddle, allowing it to return with the Jewels and leaving Lois unharmed.

Tired of Samson and Atlas' heckling, Superman challenged both of them to an arm-wrestling contest. The force of their arms was so great, it shattered the rocks and sea behind and around them, but Superman effortlessly twisted Samson's arm, breaking it, before defeating Atlas as well, forcing them to leave in the Chronomobile and leave both he and Lois alone.


  • Superhuman Strength - Samson's strength is vast enough to effortlessly defeat Krull and challenge Superman in feats of Strength (before Superman's enhancement). After Superman's enhancement, Samson is strong enought to arm wrestle with Superman, but Superman is strong enough to easily beat Samson and snap his elbo in the opposite direction.
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Regeneration: After Superman snapped his and Atlas' arms during their arm wrestling matches, Samson fixed his arm simply by snapping his arm back into place and allowing it to repair itself.