Samuel "Slam" Bradley was a cynical detective in Gotham City who worked alongside Commissioner James Gordon and his partner John Jones.

Slam has a mutual friendly relationship with John Jones, which Slam doesn't know that he is a Martian, but often a little annoyed with John's personality being almost modeled after a stereotypical television or comic book character (due to John's study of human society through television). Despite this, Slam considered John as one of the few non-corrupted law enforcers in Gotham that he can depend on.

In 1957 Slam and John were on a case involving a child kidnapping of the son of a prominent fiancer, which was later discovered to be part of a sacrificial ritual for a cult that worships the being called "The Centre". The two interrupted the ritual and finds Batman already there fighting the cultists. The detectives then helped Batman and tries to rescue the boy. During the fight John was incapacitated when the fight started a fire in which Slam quickly put it out. After the cultists were defeated, Slam helped calm the boy after being frighten of Batman's appearance, and, with John, were warned by the cult's incapacitated leader of being "judged" by the Centre.



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