Part of a family of adventurers, Slam Bradley was a two-fisted private detective in the 1930s and 40s, who ventured together with his partner, "Shorty" Morgan. Together, they battled "Oriental menaces" as well as street criminals. They worked together with the police, federal investigators, fire departments, and law enforcement officers from all over the world.

Originally Slam Bradley lived and worked in Cleveland [1], but fairly early in his career he moved his home and business to New York City [2].

Decades later, "Shorty" was killed by drug dealers. In more recent years, the aged Slam joined a cadre of famous detectives (including Roy Raymond, Human Target, Captain Compass, and others) to solve the murder of their fellow detective Archie Evergreen.


Sam Bradley was in charge of the investigation concerning the death of Roger Elliot on a car accident. Though Sam suspected that the accident had been provoked, he never found the killer. He also suspected Roger's son, Thomas of involvement in this crime, but he could never prove it, despite being right.[3]

Slam resurfaced in Gotham City, recently hired by the mayor of Gotham City to track down the current whereabouts of Catwoman; once she revealed herself to him, he agreed not to divulge her location to the mayor and has developed a working relationship with her.

After Slam learned that Selina was attacked by Thomas Elliot, now calling himself Hush, he reopened the old investigation and started looking for Elliot to bring him to justice.[4]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Excellent Bar-Fighter.
  • Investigation: Slam possesses keen skills of deductive reasoning and is trained in various forms of investigation.
  • Disguise: Slam is also a master of disguise.
  • Mimicry: Slam also possesses a talent for mimicry proficient enough to allow him to effectively work undercover.

He's based on a second early design for Superman.[citation needed]



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