Samuel Foswell was a senior reporter at the Daily Planet.

When Perry White went on vacation, Foswell was the acting editor in Perry's absence. However, Foswell's command of the newspaper was a different direction than Perry's, as evidenced by when called a meeting, discussing falling sales and cancelled subscriptions. An old man working at the newspaper whispered to Lois Lane that this akin to one of Perry's issues, to which Lois said soon they will hear a rerun of Perry's reminders to put in a full day's work and reuse office supplies. However, Foswell announced a round of layoffs, terminating the employment of one woman at the meeting and making plans for Jimmy Olsen, who was not at the meeting due to his day off. When Perry learned of this, he angrily remarked that Foswell overstepped his boundaries, calling it "a lame-brained, inhumane stunt".




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