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General Sam Lane is the father of Lois and Lucy Lane. In the original multiverse, he was prejudiced against aliens, but after he was relocated to Earth-Prime as a result of the Crisis, he became an ally of Superman.


Sam Lane and the army arrived in National City to train a robot that could defeat Kryptonians, the Red Tornado. The robot fought Supergirl and then fled, leaving Sam infuriated. He attended his daughter Lucy's dinner with James Olsen, until the robot attacked them, but they were saved by Supergirl. Later, Sam captured General Astra, but had to release her to retrieve "Hank Henshaw". During Myriad's activation, Sam had briefly become the D.E.O. leader.


Sam's ex-wife left the family when his daughters were young, and he did not play a major role in their lives as he prioritised his work over his family, something Lois would resent for years afterwards.

General Lane was aware Superman was secretly his son-in-law Clark Kent. The two often worked closely and trusted one another, but with the coming of The Stranger their relationship gradually deteriorated, as Superman became increasingly uncomfortable with Lane’s ruthlessness, particularly his treatment of superpowered teenager Tag Harris; and Lane began to fear that the invasion which happened on The Stranger’s world may also occur on his. He ordered the creation of Project 7734 to begin research into Kryptonite weapons as a precaution.

Superman learned of this project when The Stranger, revealed to be John Henry Irons, was captured. One of Lane’s soldiers, Lieutenant Rosetti, attempted to kidnap Irons and escape the facility but stopped to collect Kryptonite weapons. Irons triggered an alarm to summon Superman and during the fight Rosetti exposed Superman to a synthetic Kryptonite gas.

Although the effects initially appeared to be temporary Superman was weakened by the gas, and Sam’s grandson Jordan was accidentally infected by it, putting his life at risk. Lois told Sam he was no longer welcome in her home, and his other grandson Jonathan called him a coward for not trusting his family. Sam chose to remain outside until Clark and Jordan returned from the Fortress of Solitude where Jordan was being treated.

Two henchmen of Morgan Edge with Kryptonian powers attacked the Kent Farm and Sam attempted to hold them off with a Kryptonite gas gun. He managed to buy Lois and Jonathan enough time to reach a cache of weapons Jonathan had stolen from Irons. When Edge’s forces were repulsed, the Kent Farm was put on lockdown and surrounded by Lane’s soldiers to protect his family. He and Lois tentatively reconciled, with Sam apologising for being a poor father.

Sam’s soldiers set up a base in Smallville. They were able to capture Kyle Cushing, a Smallville citizen who had been transformed into a Kryptonian by Edge, and the chamber Edge used to transform people, but were unable to reverse the process. Lana Lang volunteered to be possessed by Superman’s mother Lara, and Lara was able to modify the Eradicator as needed, but they had no power source strong enough to create the wave needed to depower all the Subjekts. Against Sam’s advice, Superman discharged all his stored solar energy into the Eradicator, depowering the Subjekts but also temporarily weakening his own powers.

Although the Subjekts were depowered, Edge managed to track Superman back to the Fortress of Solitude and learned his secret identity as Clark Kent. Superman surrendered to Edge to spare his family’s life. Afraid that Edge may succeed in turning Superman against humanity, Lois called in Sam and John Henry Irons. Lois insisted that they could save Superman and break whatever programming Edge may subject him to, but Irons insisted killing him was their only option. Sam privately agreed with Irons, who showed him his ultimate weapon: a red solar bomb which would completely drain a Kryptonian’s powers. John was able to help Superman break his brainwashing and the two defeated Edge together. Sam told Lois he was proud of her and promised Clark he would never doubt him again.

Leslie Larr attempted to free Edge from his cell at the Pentagon but Superman and John Henry Irons easily intercepted and captured her. Afterwards Sam met with them both and told them he was closing Project 7734 and planned to destroy the majority of their weapons and supply of Kryptonite, keeping just enough to guard Edge and Larr. Superman instead asked him to give the weapons to Irons, so he could stop Superman if he ever did become a threat to humanity.

Meanwhile Sam also tried to prevent any details of the events leaking out, as he feared the reaction if people learned that Superman had an evil brother who came close to taking over the world. The general public would only be informed that Morgan Edge had been engaged in illegal experimentation with superpowers and been arrested. The mines were to be closed and cordoned off as a public health hazard. He also decided not to issue a formal statement to the press, which renewed his conflict with Lois.

Edge escaped from prison using powers Kryptonians do not typically possess and disappeared. Sam and his soldiers remained in Smallville for three weeks in case he returned. The townspeople were angry at their presence, with the Smallville Gazette referred to the DoD as an occupying force. At a public meeting the citizens demanded he leave or at least tell them everything about what happened, andSharon Powell begged him to tell the truth about what happened to her son. Sam called the meeting short when he received a report that Edge has returned and broken Leslie out of prison.

They two quickly reappeared in Metropolis and Superman, Lois and John Henry Irons went to Metropolis to stop them. Sam attempted to call Jon and Jordan and tell them to return home, but they ignored the call. That evening, he tracked them to the party they were at and took them and Sarah Cushing home, but along the way Edge attacked their car and caused it to crash. Sam was injured and barely conscious and gave Jonathan his Kryptonite gun, guiding him on how to shoot Edge. However Edge was too fast and easily dodged the bullet and kidnapped Jordan.

Jon sent Sarah to get help to allow him to call Superman and tee, him what had happened, but by the time he responded Jordan was long gone. Superman left to look for Jordan, and Sarah eventually returned with her parents who took Jon and Sam back to Smallville. The townspeople were still protesting the DoD’s presence and when Sam tried to evade questions Chrissy Beppo realised Edge was still at large.

Edge returned to town and Eradicated six of Sam’s best soldiers, transforming them into the Defense Council of Krypton. Sam and his troops evacuated Smallville while Superman and John Henry Irons fought Edge and the Council. When Edge was defeated Sam decided to retire, hoping to rebuild his relationships with his family. He was replaced by the far more hardline Lt. Anderson.




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