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General Sam Lane is the father of Lois and Lucy Lane and an ally of Superman.

Early Life & Career

Sam's ex-wife left the family when his daughters were young, and he dealt with this by burying himself in his work and did not play a major role in their lives, fearing he would drive them away the way he drove their mother away. Lois would resent this for years afterwards.

Lucy fell under the influence of a self-help guru called Ally Allston, who Lois considered a cult leader. Sam refused to take a side in the argument or even read Lois' article about Alston's group. Lucy attempted suicide under Alston's influence and was only saved by Lois' intervention.

Season One

General Lane was aware Superman was secretly his son-in-law Clark Kent. The two often worked closely and trusted one another, but with the coming of The Stranger their relationship gradually deteriorated, as Superman became increasingly uncomfortable with Lane's ruthlessness, particularly his treatment of superpowered teenager Tag Harris; and Lane began to fear that the invasion which happened on The Stranger's world may also occur on his. He ordered the creation of Project 7734 to begin research into Kryptonite weapons as a precaution.

Superman learned of this project when The Stranger, revealed to be John Henry Irons, was captured. One of Lane's soldiers, Lieutenant Rosetti, attempted to kidnap Irons and escape the facility but stopped to collect Kryptonite weapons. Irons triggered an alarm to summon Superman and during the fight Rosetti exposed Superman to a synthetic Kryptonite gas.

Although the effects initially appeared to be temporary Superman was weakened by the gas, and Sam's grandson Jordan was accidentally infected by it, putting his life at risk. Lois told Sam he was no longer welcome in her home, and his other grandson Jonathan called him a coward for not trusting his family. Sam chose to remain outside until Clark and Jordan returned from the Fortress of Solitude where Jordan was being treated.

Two henchmen of Morgan Edge with Kryptonian powers attacked the Kent Farm and Sam attempted to hold them off with a Kryptonite gas gun. He managed to buy Lois and Jonathan enough time to reach a cache of weapons Jonathan had stolen from Irons. When Edge's forces were repulsed, the Kent Farm was put on lockdown and surrounded by Lane's soldiers to protect his family. He and Lois tentatively reconciled, with Sam apologising for being a poor father.

Sam's soldiers set up a base in Smallville. They were able to capture Kyle Cushing, a Smallville citizen who had been transformed into a Kryptonian by Edge, and the chamber Edge used to transform people, but were unable to reverse the process. Lana Lang volunteered to be possessed by Superman's mother Lara, and Lara was able to modify the Eradicator as needed, but they had no power source strong enough to create the wave needed to depower all the Subjekts. Against Sam's advice, Superman discharged all his stored solar energy into the Eradicator, depowering the Subjekts but also temporarily weakening his own powers.

Although the Subjekts were depowered, Edge managed to track Superman back to the Fortress of Solitude and learned his secret identity as Clark Kent. Superman surrendered to Edge to spare his family's life. Afraid that Edge may succeed in turning Superman against humanity, Lois called in Sam and John Henry Irons. Lois insisted that they could save Superman and break whatever programming Edge may subject him to, but Irons insisted killing him was their only option. Sam privately agreed with Irons, who showed him his ultimate weapon: a red solar bomb which would completely drain a Kryptonian's powers. John was able to help Superman break his brainwashing and the two defeated Edge together. Sam told Lois he was proud of her and promised Clark he would never doubt him again.

Leslie Larr attempted to free Edge from his cell at the Pentagon but Superman and John Henry Irons easily intercepted and captured her. Afterwards Sam met with them both and told them he was closing Project 7734 and planned to destroy the majority of their weapons and supply of Kryptonite, keeping just enough to guard Edge and Larr. Superman instead asked him to give the weapons to Irons, so he could stop Superman if he ever did become a threat to humanity.

Meanwhile Sam also tried to prevent any details of the events leaking out, as he feared the reaction if people learned that Superman had an evil brother who came close to taking over the world. The general public would only be informed that Morgan Edge had been engaged in illegal experimentation with superpowers and been arrested. The mines were to be closed and cordoned off as a public health hazard. He also decided not to issue a formal statement to the press, which renewed his conflict with Lois.

Edge escaped from prison using powers Kryptonians do not typically possess and disappeared. Sam and his soldiers remained in Smallville for three weeks in case he returned. The townspeople were angry at their presence, with the Smallville Gazette referred to the DoD as an occupying force. At a public meeting the citizens demanded he leave or at least tell them everything about what happened, and Sharon Powell begged him to tell the truth about what happened to her son. Sam called the meeting short when he received a report that Edge has returned and broken Leslie out of prison.

They two quickly reappeared in Metropolis and Superman, Lois and John Henry Irons went to Metropolis to stop them. Sam attempted to call Jon and Jordan and tell them to return home, but they ignored the call. That evening, he tracked them to the party they were at and took them and Sarah Cushing home, but along the way Edge attacked their car and caused it to crash. Sam was injured and barely conscious and gave Jonathan his Kryptonite gun, guiding him on how to shoot Edge. However Edge was too fast and easily dodged the bullet and kidnapped Jordan.

Jon sent Sarah to get help to allow him to call Superman and tell him what had happened, but by the time he responded Jordan was long gone. Superman left to look for Jordan, and Sarah eventually returned with her parents who took Jon and Sam back to Smallville. The townspeople were still protesting the DoD's presence and when Sam tried to evade questions Chrissy Beppo realised Edge was still at large.

Edge returned to town and Eradicated six of Sam's best soldiers, transforming them into the Defense Council of Krypton. Sam and his troops evacuated Smallville while Superman and John Henry Irons fought Edge and the Council. When Edge was defeated Sam decided to retire, hoping to rebuild his relationships with his family. He was replaced by the far more hardline Lt. Anderson.

Season Two

Three months after he retired, Lois and Clark asked Sam to help them get access to the Shuster mines, which had been the source of a series of unexplained earthquakes somehow linked to seizures and mood swings Clark had been experiencing. Sam suggested they ask Anderson for help, but Clark refused as Anderson would send in his team of young metahumans, who Clark felt could not handle the danger. Sam provided John Irons with false credentials to infiltrate the mines. Lois also informed Sam that Lucy was planning to defend Alston on a podcast and claim Lois had fabricated her article. Sam initially refused to get involved but after reading Lois' article he decided Lois was right and called Lucy to arrange a meeting between the estranged sisters.

Jordan was accidentally caught using his powers on CCTV to stop a pair of shoplifters. He called Sam for help and he was able to remotely corrupt the video to keep Jordan's secret. Sam began training Jordan in his powers, and asked Jonathan to participate so he could compare Jordan's development to a baseline. However, he sensed Jordan was holding back to avoid embarrassing his brother and asked Jon to leave. Jon came back and challenged Jordan to a sparring match that quickly degenerated into a fight until Sam broke it up.

Sam convinced Lucy to come to Smallville and talk with Lucy. It initially went well and the sisters appeared to be mending fences, but that night they got into an argument about Ally and Lucy stormed off.

That same night Anderson, who had been growing gradually more paranoid and extreme, had Superman imprisoned for treason. Sam tried to use his contacts to secure Clark's release, but Clark escaped before he could. Anderson stole experimental Kryptonite weapons and X-Kryptonite and went AWOL to hunt Superman down. Superman was able to convince Anderson's superiors that he was not a danger and Anderson was declared a fugitive. Sam felt responsible for Anderson's actions, as he had recommended him for the position of liaison with Superman, and took charge of the manhunt.

He planned to have Bizarro's pendant destroyed, but found that Anderson had stolen it when he went AWOL. Clark deduced that he must have gone to Ally. Sam and Lois each received a text from Lucy saying that she was about to "ascend", which was how Ally's group described merging with their inverse self. As Bizarro had emerged from the Shuster mines, Sam suspected that Ally and her followers were going there and tried to alert the security team at the mine, but they were unresponsive. Clark flew there and found that Anderson had overpowered the security team and Ally's followers had descended into the mines and found the portal Bizarro had crossed through. The majority of Ally's followers were disintegrated by the portal and Clark was only able to save Ally, Chrissy Beppo and one other person. At the Pentagon, Sam interrogated Ally and demanded to know if Lucy was one of the people destroyed by the portal but she refused to answer.

That night, Lucy showed up at the farm, claiming she had backed out of going into the mines at the last minute and no longer believed in Ally, and agreed to have brunch with Sam and Lois the next day. Sam took her home, but she gave him drugged tea and stole his access card when he passed out, revealing that she was still working for Ally. She delivered his card to Sergeant Erin Wu, a Society member in the DoD, who freed Ally. Lucy and Erin subsequently disappeared and Ally crossed through the portal.

Clark followed her and did not return. For the next month, Sam focused on training Jordan, until Lois learned what they had been doing when Jordan rescued Kyle Cushing from a burning building. The building was revealed to be a storage facility for X-Kryptonite, and they realised that the trafficking ring was larger and more dangerous than they had initially believed. Under pressure from Sam and Lois, Jon eventually revealed that his girlfriend Candice Pergande was an X-Kryptonite dealer, and she told them the approximate location of the X-Kryptonite processing facility on the outskirts of Smallville. Sam suggested they use Jordan's super-hearing to pinpoint it's location, and Lois reluctantly agreed as the alternatives would take too long. Jordan was able to find the facility and Sam and Lois went to investigate, with Lois instructing Jordan to stay in the car. Sam and Lois were captured by X-Kryptonite enhanced criminals and Sam convinced Lois to call Jordan for help. Jordan easily overpowered the superpowered adults and saved them.

When Clark returned he told them that Ally had managed to fuse with her inverse self, and was planning to fuse with worlds together with an artifact known as the Oblivion Stone. He asked John Henry to find a way to destroy the Stone but John could not generate the energy required and instead suggested to Sam that they collapse the portal between the worlds. John and Sam developed a plan to collapse the portal, but when they presented it to Superman he refused to go along with it, unwilling to leave the other world to suffer under Ally. He told them that, although neither he or any device could produce enough energy to destroy the pendants, his mother had determined that he and Bizarro together would have been able to do it, and suggested that he and Tal-Rho together could also destroy the pendant. John calculated that the two together would have enough energy, and he and Sam reluctantly agreed to the plan.

Sam released Tal-Rho from prison, and the Kryptonians took the pendant to an active volcano. They attempted to destroy it with their combined heat vision, but as it began to break Ally Allston, now possessing superpowers, appeared and attacked them. John held her off while Superman and Tal destroyed the pendant. They succeeded and Ally took the fragments back to the inverse world but while Superman and John were distracted by her, Tal-Rho escaped.

Sam tracked Sergeant Wu to an isolated lodge where he suspected Lucy may also be. He went to Smallville to collect Lois, hoping that the two of them could convince Lucy to leave before he called in the troops. Chrissy Beppo insisted on coming too and Lois agreed. Sam reluctantly took Chrissy along but when they arrived ordered her to stay in the car as a lookout. He and Lois went into the lodge to talk to Lucy. They told her that the pendant had been destroyed and Ally could not merge the worlds as she had promised, and that when Ally merged with her other self she had become a monster who drained the life from people. Lucy would not listen and told them to leave, but Sam handcuffed himself to her, refusing to leave her behind.

The cuffs were unlocked by a fingerprint sensor but Sam claimed that the keys to them were in another location, and if Lucy wanted to be freed she would have to leave with him. The family was forced to seriously talk for the first time in years and Lucy revealed that she believed they had always seen her as an inconvenience and that Ally was the only one who loved her. Lois promised Lucy she had never seen her as a burden and that Lucy was the only thing that had kept her going when they were growing up, but Lucy was still unsure and said she needed time to think. Sam unlocked the cuffs to prove he trusted her and claimed that the issues between Lucy and Lois were his fault, but they both told him that it was their mother's fault for abandoning them all.

However, before the family could move towards reconciliation Ally returned. Lucy was awed to see that Ally had merged and Ally promised she would too. Sam and Lois told her the pendant Ally needed to merge the worlds had been destroyed but Ally claimed she had found another way. Lois told her Ally was a monster and wanted to make her into one too, but Lucy still had faith in Ally and wanted to help her. Ally said they needed Superman to be able to merge the worlds and demanded that Lois and Sam summon Superman but they refused.

Lucy took Sam's ELT device to call Superman and Sam tried to stop her from activating it. To Lucy's horror Ally used her powers to drain Sam's life force and yelled at her to call Superman despite Lucy begging her to let Sam go. Lucy activated the ELT and Superman arrived. He tried to fight Ally but she drained his energy too, seemingly killing him. John Henry Irons and his daughter Natalie responded to a distress call and tried to stop her but Ally simply tossed John aside and left of her own accord. Natalie was able to resuscitate Superman and they flew Sam and Superman to the DoD. Sam survived with moderate injuries but Clark's powers were completely drained and did not recover no matter how much solar energy he absorbed.

Sam and Clark were both released from the hospital, and shortly afterwards the inverse world's sun appeared in the sky, indicating that Ally was somehow merging the worlds together. Clark and John Henry went to the Fortress of Solitude, hoping to find a way to restore his powers, but there was nothing Lara could do. John Henry volunteered to go into space and scan the red sun to determine what was happening and Sam agreed, but Lois got a text from Chrissy telling her that she planned to tell the people of Smallville what was happening. Sam told Lois to prevent Chrissy revealing the truth, despite Lois and Clark telling him that people needed to know. The DoD instead put out a cover story that the double suns were an extremely rare optical illusion.

John and Natalie determined that the energy output of the other sun was low but increasing as the worlds merged together. Clark blamed himself for Ally having the power she needed to merge the worlds but Sam reminded him that the only reason Clark had gotten within reach of Ally was that he had tried to save Sam's life, and that if he did anything wrong it was saving Sam. Clark replied that it was never a mistake to save a life, especially Sam's.

Lois decided to tell Lana the truth along with Chrissy, and Lana held a town hall where she told the people of Smallville everything. Although Sam had not wanted the truth to get out he went to the meeting with his family. After the meeting Clark was attacked by Jon-El, Jonathan's inverse counterpart, and Sam was unable to do anything but watch. Jordan and Natalie Irons arrived to fight off Jon and Lana-Rho, another one of Ally's henchmen. Jon-El and Lana were taken into custody by the DoD. Sam offered to take the Kents to a secure location, but Lois and Clark told him they would rather be together at home while they prepared for what was coming. Lois asked him to come with them but he said he was needed at the Pentagon.

As the worlds began to merge things and people began randomly teleporting between the world. Sam was transported to the other world and made his way to the Kent farm, where he met Lois, who had also been transported there. Lois remembered that the inverse world's Chrissy Beppo had helped Anderson when he crossed over so they went to look for her. They found the inverse Chrissy, who was able to communicate with them using a translator app on her phone, but before they could ask her anything Sam was transported back to his own world, leaving Lois behind.

Sam made his way back to the Kent Farm, where his grandsons told him that Tal-Rho had thrown Clark into the sun to try and restore his powers. The boys began to argue about whether or not Clark was still alive but Sam shut them down, telling them that he had faith in Superman and he was not dead. As Sam predicted, Clark was able to regain his powers, defeat Ally and undo the merge. With the world saved, Lucy moved in with Sam in Metropolis.

Season Three

Sam ordered the Shuster mines closed down for good to prevent anyone else abusing the X-Kryptonite. John Henry Irons began consulting with the DoD but refused to move to Washington, D.C. and required Sam to come to him in Smallville. Sam was eager both to move John Henry closer to the Pentagon and also to recruit Natalie, sensing that she was under-stimulated by Smallville High School. To get some private face-to-face time with her, he suggested that they go to a horror movie screening like she used to do with his counterpart on her Earth. At the theatre he suggested that she enrol in a military academy in Metropolis, but she refused.

John confronted Sam and Jonathan and Jordan's sixteenth birthday party. He told Sam that Natalie had been excited to spend time with him and that she needed support from the people around her after what she had been through, and that he should stay away from Nat if he wasn't interested in being a part of her life. Sam shamefacedly admitted that he was right and apologised to Natalie. He told her he was terrible at dealing with people and asked for another chance to get to know her, which she agreed to.

Lois revealed to her friends and family that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Sam broke down crying when he heard the news. Later, he came to visit Lois after what was supposed to be her first chemotherapy appointment, only for Clark to tell him that she had missed it as she was distracted by an investigation. Sam told him that they could not allow Lois to prioritise her work over her health. The next day, Lois skipped out on treatment again while Clark was dealing with a natural disaster. He could not find her with his super-hearing and so went to the DoD to track her down. John Henry tried to find her with satellites but was unsuccessful.

Eventually Clark's super-hearing picked her up again at an abandoned hospital in Metropolis , where she was being threatened by Intergang and he raced over to save her. Clark saved Lois and Chrissy Beppo, but was himself attacked by a goon armed with Kryptonite weapons. John flew in and saved Clark; the goon attempted to kill them with a suicide bomb but they both survived unscathed.

Sam tested a blood sample Lois had retrieved from a clinic operated by Intergang, and discovered that it was Clark's. Sam investigated and found that a project within the DoD not under his supervision had apparently collected some of Clark's blood when he had been rendered powerless by Ally Allston and had been holding it ever since. Although all the vials were accounted for, somehow Intergang had managed to steal a small amount and synthesise more. Clark destroyed the remaining samples with his heat vision.

Jordan was picked up by a satellite camera while helping Clark fight a forest fire. Although his face was not visible, his distinctive hairstyle was and so Sam took him to get his hair cut. Jordan refused and stormed off. The next day, at his parent's instruction, Jordan apologised to Sam. Rather than force him to cut his hair, Sam gave him a new uniform which would conceal his hair, and the aviator's goggles his father wore as a pilot in World War II.

Sam continued to bond with Natalie; the day of Smallville High's Valentine's Dance, they rode ATV's together on the Kent farm. When they returned to the farmhouse they found Jordan speaking with Matteo, a boy Natalie had met at a party in Metropolis. Sam was suspicious of Matteo and chastised Jordan for breaching the family's security protocols by leading him right to the farm. That night Sam chaperoned Smallville High's Valentine's dance, which Nat attended with Matteo. He told Jordan, who had come without a date, that he had never seen the point of dances when he was younger. Sam saw Natalie run out after dancing with Matteo and followed her outside. She told him she had never dated before and didn't know how to deal with romance, and he revealed to her that he hadn't been in a relationship since his wife left him. He encouraged her to go back in, telling her she was strong enough to deal with her feelings and in response she hugged and thanked him, calling him "grandpa". Later that night, Jordan downloaded a senior's dating app onto Sam's phone and encouraged him to use it.

Sam met a woman from Smallville on the app and made a date with her. When he came down to Smallville to meet her he stopped off at the Kent Farm to deliver all of A.R.G.U.S.'s files on Mannheim to Lois. She told him that she no longer felt comfortable investigating Mannheim; as she had befriended his wife who also had cancer and come to identify with them. Sam reminded her that Mannheim was a criminal who she had spent years trying to stop, and suggested that they look through the files together. The trove of information re-energised Lois and reignited her desire to bring Mannheim down. They went through the files together until Lois realised Sam was late for his date and told him to go. Sam arrived just after his date had left and bumped into Lana Lang, who was also at the diner, and they started talking. He admitted that he hadn't dated since his ex-wife left as he was afraid of being hurt again. When he asked her why she was alone on a Saturday night she told him that she was also afraid of getting her heart broken after her husband cheated on her. Sam got a call from John Henry telling him that they had captured Mannheim's wife Peia Mannheim, who turned out to be a metahuman with sonic powers. He left to return to the DoD, but before he went he told Lana that he hadn't enjoyed spending his life alone and that she should find someone to spend time with.

Sam allowed John Henry to take command of the DoD's operations against Intergang, despite Clark warning him it was a mistake. John Henry decided to raid Mannheim's home, but when they got there they found Clark negotiating with Mannheim and close to a deal. John admitted that he knew what Clark was doing but decided to resort to force after Intergang thugs attacked him and Natalie. Sam realised that John was too close and relieved him of command. That night, Henry Miller attacked John Henry in Smallville, and John killed him with his hammer.

Sam eventually agreed to allow Peia's so to visit her, as she had only days left to live. Before he was allowed in, Lois questioned Peia one last time, trying to get her to admit she framed Lex Luthor for murder. She initially refused, but agreed to confess to everything if she could tell her son in person first. They allowed Peia to see her son, but he secretly injected Peia with a cure for her cancer. Back at full strength, she broke free and fought her way out. Peia triggered the alarm but by the time Clark responded she was long gone.

Two days later, Sam met up with the rest of the family at Hob's Bay Medical Centre for Lois's surgery. Sam had done independent research and quizzed the doctors on unlikely complications that could occur during surgery. Suddenly, a massive sonic wave from Peia rocked the city, blacking out power to the city, including the hospital. Sam had to leave for the DoD to look for Peia. She eventually emerged, creating devastation and Clark was able to get a fix on her. He flew Peia up into the air where she died, saffely releasing her power in a massive blast. At the same time, Lois's surgery was completed successfully.

Jordan saved two of his schoolmates from a car crash and, although he managed to get away without being identified; one of them began telling the story to anyone who would listen, eventually reaching a reporter at a major network. Lois had mentored the reporter and warned Sam that she would not give up, and so he told her and Clark that Jordan needed to avoid all heroics for the foreseeable future. As Sam was driving away from Smallville, a hurricane crossed his path and he took shelter in an underpass with several civilians. He saw Jordan fly in and help Clark freeze the tornado. After the tornado was stopped, Jordan landed in front of the crowd and basked in their adoration rather than fly away. He was wearing his hood and goggles so he was not recognised, but his existence was now undeniably confirmed to the world. Lois and Clark grounded Jordan, but Sam warned that it was only a matter of time before someone figured out Jordan resided in Smallville.

Lex Luthor was released from prison and came to the Kent Farm to threaten Lois and ordered her to retire from journalism, but Sam and Clark both assured Lois that they would not allow Luthor to hurt her or their family. Luthor disappeared for the next thirty-three days and during that time Sam started dating a woman named Gretchen. He took her to Smallville to watch a meteor shower and she lead him into an alley to make out. Gretchen, who was actually working for Luthor, tased and kidnapped Sam and stole his ELT.




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