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General Sam Lane was the head of Project Superman for many years, having replaced Nathaniel Adam with finding a way to protect the United States with man-made super soldiers.

His original test subject was Neil Sinclair who, after gaining powers and then going berserk in the field, was excommunicated and held in a military-grade solitude confinement for years, blaming Lane for turning him into the monster he had become.

When an alien spaceship landed in Metropolis, the government seized it and made it a part of Lane's Project Superman. The boy, Kal-El, became like a son to General Lane while his daughter had moved to England with his ex-wife.

Many years later, Kal-El, feeling lonely, managed to free Sinclair from his cell, not knowing the monster intended to hurt Lane in any way possible. When Sinclair had found Sam Lane's daughter who had come to visit, Kal-El felt a connection with her and tried to protect her from Sinclair but was not strong enough. General Lane, wanting to protect his daughter and "son", blasted himself and Sinclair into the Phantom Zone where he wouldn't be able to hurt anybody again.

However, when the power was shut off to the military base years later for some superheroes to free Kal-El, Sinclair and Lane were freed from the Phantom Zone. Sinclair, wanting his revenge, immediately killed General Lane and went hunting for the man's daughter again.