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General Sam Lane is the father of famed Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane and Lucy Lane.

He is a career military man holding the rank of General in the United States Army. After his wife Ella Lane passes away he is forced to raise the two girls alone. During Lex Luthor's term as President of the United States, Lane serves as Secretary of Defense and General Lane heroically sacrificed his life when the alien conqueror known as Imperiex attacked the planet Earth.

Supposedly General Lane's ghost appeared to Lois while she was trapped in a car. They began to talk through their unsettled problems. The last scene of the issue showed the "ghost" leaning against a wall and watching the sunrise. This implies that General Lane might still be alive.

It was later revealed that Sam Lane was still alive and in charge of a secret government project that oversaw the actions of Brainiac.[1]. He later resurfaces as the head of Project 7734 during the Amazon attack on the United States of America where he orchestrates the rescue of his wounded daughter Lucy Lane.

General Lane drafts Lex Luthor into the Project and the outfitting of Lucy with a mystically powered suit in a operation to deal with the Kandorians. This leads to the destruction of New Krypton by using Reactron as a living bomb, which kills most of the Kandorians, and Lex Luthor temporarily transforming the Earth's yellow sun red.

After the battle he is confronted by his daughter Lois Lane and Supergirl, who found out that by destroying New Krypton, he has become the very monster he claimed the Kryptonians to be. This, coupled with Jimmy Olsen and Natasha Irons having released the Projects files and a full account of his activities to multiple news outlets via the internet, leads him to commit suicide rather than be held to account by an international court.

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