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Sam Lane was the career officer in the US Army. He served around the world, but found time for his wife and two daughters.

His wife died from an as-yet-undisclosed illness, but Lane stayed in the Army. He ended up manning a base in Metropolis, where coincidentally his daughter Lois worked for the Daily Planet newspaper. He wanted his daughter to end up with John Corben, an NCO of his, but was wise enough not to push his daughter. When he heard the reports about a seemingly-superhuman vigilante, he felt compelled to take control of the effort to catch him, even hiring a young Lex Luthor who assured him that the defense dividend would be enormous. His plan was partly successful, but was curtailed when he was forced to help Superman save Metropolis (and Lois) from being kidnapped by "the Internet".

Sam Lane was shown to be very indifferent to Superman, even dismissive, with his continued support for the Army's "Project: Steel Soldier".

Five years after the creation of the Justice League, Lane's position had not mellowed. He maintained his job as head of the Army base at Metropolis, where Project Steel Soldier was operating, but was also somehow connected to the secret agency known as "the Machine", which obfuscated the existence of a superhuman agent of American safety. When Superman became aware of the Machine, Lane gleefully set the agency against him, explaining that he had dismissed Superman as a coward from their first meeting for his unwillingness to take lives in the service of his military, as Lane had. However, at the end of the argument, Superman was alive, and the Machine's superhuman agent was dead.

Following the death of US Senator Hume, Lane was chosen as his replacement in the US Senate which he accepted, and is now a US Senator. He later arrives to personally arrest Superman after his identity is revealed to the world by Lois. This causes Superman to flee before Lane can capture him.

When the Leviathan Organization, under the leadership of the mysterious Leviathan started destroying other secret organizations, one of their targets was ARGUS. When their headquarters was destroyed, Sam survived, but was placed in the hospital. Since he was one of it's leaders, they sent numerous brainwashed agents to kill him, but even wounded, he managed to kill them instead. In the hospital, he was confronted by Lois and a group of people who believed that he was Leviathan. Another agent attacked them and threw a bomb, this forced Zatana to teleport Lois and her father away. However, without his life support, he died.[2]




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