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Sam Lane was the father of Lois Lane.

Early Life

In his youth, Samuel "Sam" Lane joined the United States Army and married Ella Lane. In 1986, Sam and Ella welcomed their first daughter, Lois. Within the next few years, they had a second daughter named Lucy.

The marriage ended in tragedy, when Ella died of lung cancer in 1996.[2] Now having two daughters to raise on his own, Sam handled the matter as an experienced military man: establishing a chain of command. Lois reported to him, while Lucy reported to Lois. Later, Sam sent Lucy to boarding school in Switzerland. He took Lois with him, as he moved between different military bases.[3]

Season Four

In 2004, Sam joined forces with Lex Luthor, to protect his niece and her father, whose lives were in danger because of Chloe being a witness against Lionel Luthor. The matter became more complicated, because Lois began investigating the matter, together with Clark Kent, a friend of his niece. Sam tried to keep them out of it, but they persisted. Unexpectedly, the duo ended up saving Chloe's life.[4]

Afterwards, Chloe was able to return to her normal life, while Sam departed Smallville. However, before leaving, Sam announced to Lois that she had to repeat her senior year of high school and enrolled her at Smallville High School.[5] Unknowingly, Sam's decision was going to heavily impact the life of his oldest daughter.[2]

Season Ten

Six years later, the growing number of metahumans and costumed vigilantes led to public outcry, leading to the proposal of a Vigilante Registration Act (VRA). An act that Sam heavily supported. This same year, Sam and Lucy went to visit Lois and Clark Kent, who was now dating Lois. Like he'd always done with his daughter's boyfriends, he put Clark under several tests, until Lois stood up to him. The truth was that Sam had never testing her boyfriends, but Lois. To see if she truly loved the guy.[6]

Season Eleven

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  • Sam Lane's awards includes: the Silver Star; Legion of Merit; Soldier's Medal; Purple Heart; Meritorious Service Medal; Air Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Kuwait Liberation Medal.[6]
    • For unknown reasons, Sam Lane also wears the ribbons for the Aerial Achievement Medal and Air Force Good Conduct Medal.[6] Both being awarded to Air Force personnel, not the United States Army.