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Sam Makoa was an FBI agent in Honolulu and an ally of Superboy.

Sam Makoa was originally a cop living in Hawaii. During his tenure there, he managed to apprehend King Shark, nearly losing his life in the process.[1] Makoa then went on to become a federal special agent assigned to Hawaii to combat the influence of the Silicon Dragons. Makoa was annoyed when Superboy arrived in Hawaii, feeling it would be disastrous because the Dragons had a strict honor code of equal force -- "They'd fight with sticks and stones if that's all we had, but equal force against Superboy could mean hundreds of deaths..."[2]

Nevertheless, Makoa soon began to develop a grudging respect for the Kid, especially when Superboy single handedly defeated King Shark.

When the situation with the Silicon Dragons began to escalate, Makoa was ordered to report to Amanda Waller and use her Suicide Squad to attack the lair of the Dragons. Makoa reluctantly allowed Superboy to join the team, although he told the kid that there was a good chance no one would be coming back. He was outraged when Waller insisted that King Shark be included on the team. The actual terms of King Shark going had to do with an explosive belt wrapped around him that was keyed to Makoa's heartbeat -- if anything happened to Makoa, King Shark would be blown in half (theoretically). The mission quickly went bad and the team was split up upon their arrival at the Dragon's lair (which was on the ocean floor). King Shark toyed with Makoa and murdered a team member, Sidearm, when Sidearm tried to force Makoa to abandon the mission. Aside from that one casualty, everyone would survive the assignment and the lair was completely destroyed (although Lady Dragon, the leader of the group, escaped).[3] King Shark was thought to have been killed in the fighting when his belt detonated by Knockout, but after she turned up alive in Hawaii and several scientists investigating the ruins of the Lair went missing, Makoa worried that King Shark had survived too. He brought Superboy with him back to the lair. There they met Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and fought Black Manta and Scavenger, but King Shark was not there (he did, however, turn up alive later on).[4]