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Detective Sam Phelan was a corrupt Metropolis police officer, who'd occasionally help rich people like Lionel Luthor to cover something up.

In 1999, Phelan covered up a death at Club Zero, involving Lex Luthor.[1]

In 2002, Phelan saw Clark Kent using his superhuman abilities and set out to blackmail Clark into working for him. When Clark attempted to fight back, Phelan framed Jonathan Kent for murder. To make the charges disappear, Phelan forced Clark to help him rob the Metropolis Museum. However, Clark set off an alarm and ran away at superhuman speed. Phelan was gunned down by museum security, dying in Lex Luthor's arms, who wanted to know what Phelan had on Clark. With his last breath, Phelan told Lex to go to hell.[2]



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