Quote1.png You don't know what's going on inside of someone, really. There's a hidden universe in there ... full of secret stars. Look at this gyro -- a beautiful, colorful, multilayered spiral. It's got tzatziki -- it's got fresh vegetables, it's got texture and man's influence on nature and society. We think we know this gyro, but we don't know everything. What's going on in there? Endless possibilities? Good versus evil --? Just a whole world buzzing along ... going about its daily rotation. Time might make no sense if you're living in the gyro! Then you put the universe inside of you -- you feel me?! Quote2.png
Sam Reynolds src

Sam Reynolds is the EMT partner of Casey Brinke after she was brought to life in the real world.

Just an average Joe, Sam's wife left him and their son Lucius four years prior to becoming partners with Casey to join a cult. Now, he lived with his preteen son and his elderly mother.

After Casey was contacted by her creator Danny to save him from the organization known as Vectra, Casey asked Sam to go inside of Danny to use his experience as an EMT to save the other people he created from the incoming attackers, unaware of the craziness he was signing up for.[1]



  • Shield of Forgiving Might
  • Sword of Margoth



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