Deadeye was a member of Team Zero.

Sergeant Samuel Saito Nakadai enlisted to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team on March 17th, 1942 and became an expert sniper. He was recruited into Team Zero and given the codename "Deadeye". There has been some tension in the group because of Nakadai's Japanese origin, in which he was personally offended by Sgt. Andrzej Taszycki's racial tones and easily fought him. When Taszycki pulled out a straight razor to seriously harm Nakadai, his teammate Chester Brophy came to Nakadai's defense and subdued Taszycki, telling the facts to him that even though he fought the Japanese and had a reason to hate them he is content to know that Nakadai is an American.[1]

Nakadai participated in Operation: Blue Plate where he and his team succeeded in capturing the German rocket scientists and capturing some Germans as POWs. After learning that Team Zero's extraction was compromised, Nakadai and his team were forced to engage against Soviet forces. He was then team up with Staff Sergeant Austen Blanchard in defending Karlshagen with sniper support.[2] Ultimately, Nakadai and Blanchard were killed by thrown Soviet grenades.[3]



  • Deadeye was also an alternative codename for Grifter, who also happens to share his current alias to Team Zero's Willis S. Miller.



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